Why did the financial collapse of 2008 happen right after McCain, with his pick of Sarah Palin, had opened up a small lead on Obama?  Do the George Soros’s of the world have the power to make something like that happen?

After the dismal Presidency of his brother, why does anyone think Jeb Bush is the best Republican candidate?  Aside from his money, what’s so special about this guy?

Does anybody really like Ted Cruz?  Why?

There are, apparently, a few people who think Chris Christie could get the nomination.  This is curious.

How long can the federal reserve continue to print money to cover our deficits?

Why would any normal, sane person spend $60,000 a year to send their kid to these ridiculously left wing liberal arts colleges?

How can there be so many abnormal, crackpot people in this country?

When will Caitlyn Jenner try to enter a women’s beauty contest?

Why would anyone pick someone other than Marco Rubio for the Vice Presidential nomination?

Why doesn’t John Kasich realize that one of Reagan’s greatest political strengths was his humility, and try to emulate it?

When do the Democrats realize Hillary is toxic, and abandon her?

Why are Dave Guldenschuh and I the only people who realize that it’s going to be either Kasich, Walker or Rubio?

Why wouldn’t Joe Biden run?  It was his son’s dying wish, for Pete’s sake.

When will people understand that the solution to most of our political and economic problems is with the states, the people, and Article V?

Why would a beautiful grey vixen walk up to me in the woods last evening, close enough to touch, and look at me?

What does the fox say?

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