The joke’s on Jeb

Two years ago, on the eve of the first anniversary of the Benghazi attack, Jeb Bush, Chairman of the National Constitution Center, awarded that group’s Liberty Medal to Hillary Clinton.  This was the culmination of years of cozying up to the Clintons by the Bushes.  Maybe Jeb thought Hillary would cut him some slack down the road.

On Friday, at the meeting of the Urban League, Jeb found out just how wrong he was.  While waiting to give his speech, Jeb got to listen to Hillary trash him.  Rather than respond, when he took the stage he thanked her.  I guess he’s seen Trump’s rise in the polls and has decided to become the anti-Trump, a wimp.  Jeb, remember, is the smart one.  The only question for Bush is how much of a fool he makes of himself before he quits.  Since Jeb thinks illegal immigration is an act of love, maybe the Donald can ask him about Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.  After being deported for the fifth time, Juan decided to come back to the U.S., no doubt as an act of love, and then randomly murdered Kathryn Steinle in sanctuary San Francisco.  Love makes the world go round, right, Jeb?  Come on, Donald, show us a pair.  Bush recently said, “It’s completely unAmerican to require people living in the shadows (sic)”.  So opposing amnesty is unAmerican.  Who knew?  He also said he’ll govern like LBJ.  The man’s intelligence is overwhelming.  He’s just got that touch.  Like when he says he’ll be willing to lose the primary to win the general.  How the hell do you win a general election you’re not in?  One of the imponderables is what he’s going to do with all his money when it’s clear he’s losing.  Will he go negative on the leaders?  Or will he stick with joyous?  Only Jeb knows for sure.  It’s possible he’d show a little class, but don’t count on it.

Campaigning joyously might not be such a good idea this cycle.  Trump’s rise demonstrates, above all else, that the American people are royally pissed off.  They want somebody who understands their anger and is prepared to do something about it, like seal the border.  Now.  No ifs ands or buts.

My moderator question for Hillary:  “Mrs. Clinton, your intervention on behalf of banking giant UBS, and their subsequent donations and speaking fees to your Foundation, may not be a violation of the law, but isn’t it important that high government officials avoid even the appearance of impropriety?  Doesn’t it just look bad for America’s Secretary of State to appear to be profiting from their actions in office?”

Hillary’s entire candidacy is based on name recognition, money, and gender politics.  It’s not enough.  Millennials will be her undoing, along with black and Hispanic men.  Her digs at Uber won’t help.  He support of the FCC’s “net neutrality” will hurt as well.  If there’s one thing millennials like it’s the freedom of the internet.  Women will stick with her when she starts tearing up, as she did in New Hampshire eight years ago.  It won’t be enough.  If I’m wrong I’ll throw this computer in the dump and go live in the desert, eating roots and bugs.  For over 40 years Hillary has watched her husband bullshit his way through life, knowing full well that she’s smarter than he is.  She figures if he can pull it off so can she.  But Bill’s special.  As former Nebraska Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey said, he’s a truly great liar, a virtuoso of falsehood.  Hillary tries the same shtick and falls flat.  Life’s not fair.

I think I may be in a little bit better health than Bill.  I hope so. He’s on my bucket list.  I want to outlive him so I can piss on his grave.  It’s personal.  Maybe I can do an internet campaign for a group of guys to all get together and we all piss on it en masse.  A good way to bond with fellow patriots.  We can even pass out commemorative bumper stickers, “I pissed on Clinton’s grave.”  It could start a trend.

The worst political analysis I ever did was 1996, when I thought Dole had a chance to beat Clinton.  Dole wasn’t much of a candidate, but Clinton had been revealed as a sexual predator, and I couldn’t believe he’d get away with it.  But the American people held their noses and voted for him, because we had peace and prosperity.  Most people vote in their own self interest, by and large, even if they don’t even like or even trust the candidate.  Are the people of this country so dimwitted that they can be convinced that Hillary Clinton can lead us to peace and prosperity, going down essentially the same path we’ve been on for the last eight years?  They say no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

If you believe that, bet on her.

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