American Thinker

My piece on Kasich and normality is up at American Thinker.  It starts,

In America today, “normal” is not a word which should be used in polite society.  It’s a form of microaggression, since it implies the existence, and rejection, of abnormality.  Since everything is relative, and of equal worth, normal and abnormal are dangerous concepts, since they can lead to judgementalism.  Nothing is more hateful than being judgmental.  Those who make judgments about what is good, and condemnations of what is bad, are essentially fascists.  A politician who uses this new “n” word does so at his peril.

But when Ohio Gov. John Kasich said on Fox News Sunday that power should be taken from Washington and returned to the states and “normal people” he was just echoing the sentiments of fellow Buckeye Warren Harding from almost 100 years ago.  Wilson and the Progressives had pushed the country far to the left, and Harding promised a Return to Normalcy.  He won by the largest margin in the history of contested Presidential elections, 60-34.

The whole article is here.

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