Idaho and Tennessee

Bill Fruth got Tennessee by having the NFIB lobbyist arrange one on one meetings with legislators in their offices.  Idaho legislators actually have offices, as opposed to Montana or Wyoming, and we have a good NFIB lobbyist in Suzie Budge.  Someone  — Fruth, Guldenschuh or I  — needs to spend several days in Boise sitting down with individual Senators and convincing them that what they hear from Bart Smith is baloney.  We’ll have to do a lot more, but I think this is the key.  Loren Enns has set up a schedule for the Idaho Task Force, and it’s a great start.  We can get Idaho.  There are 28 Republican Senators in a 35 member Senate.  You can lose 10 of 28 and still win.  We didn’t do much of anything in Idaho last year.  We were relying on Speaker Bedke, and he couldn’t budge the Senate and Davis.  A true full court press gets us Idaho.

One question that needs to be answered is how much emphasis should be placed on land transfers to the states.  60% of Idaho is federal, and these people want their land.  Any Idaho politician who is seen fighting to get their land from the feds is a popular Idaho politician.  This is a question for Speaker Bedke.  I’ve talked extensively with him about land transfers.  He’s interested.  Politically, I can’t see a downside to it in Idaho.  He’ll make the call.

Here’s an idea.  Georgia Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert calls fellow attorney and Idaho Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis, and reasons with him.  Depending on how that call goes, it can be followed up by others  — Keith Faber of Ohio, David Long of Indiana etc.  Davis is not some asshole.  He seems fairly jovial, and approachable enough.  He’ll take the calls, and be civil.  Maybe we can just wear him down.

Kasich was on Fox News Sunday, and in fine form.  He’s tweaked his response to the Medicaid expansion question, and it’s a lot better.  He mentioned he wanted to return power to the states and “normal people.”  This naturally brought back memories of Harding’s Return to Normalcy campaign of 1920.  I wrote an article about it and submitted it to the American Thinker.  Harding did OK by talking about getting back to normal.  He won 60-34, the largest margin of victory in the history of contested Presidential elections.  The funny thing is, Obama has a whole lot in common with Wilson.  Both are academic leftists who pushed the country way left, farther than it wanted to go.  It’s entirely possible the 2016 backlash against Obamaism could resemble the landslide of 1920.  If the civil unrest of 1919 is repeated, it could happen.  You read it here first.

I was misadvised by Mark Meckler in San Diego.  His friend Hugh Hewitt is not a moderator of the first debate, so there’s much less of a chance that the BBA will be asked about.  It would be nice if Kasich gets an opportunity to work it in, but that depends on the flow of things.

The only way Kasich screws up in the debate is if he tries too hard.  Comportment is all important in making a first impression, and he needs to look  Presidential.  A man is judged more by the eye than by the ear.  Although he comes across as a bit boyish, he’s actually a 63 year old man, so he ought to be able to keep his cool.

I love politics.

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