Rand Paul

If anyone gets a bump out of Cleveland it will be Rand Paul.  He will make the case for the non-interventionism that has been the default preference of the American people since the founding.  He may go so far as to question the necessity of American soldiers playing the role of hostages in Japan, Korea, and Germany.  Go large, Rand.

Paul’s campaign has stalled, and he’s more of a long shot now than when he announced.  But if this issue plays out he could rebound.  He’s telling the American people what they want to hear.  No more war.  No preemptive war.  No war with Iran, no war in the Middle East.  No war.

We’re not pacifists.  If, as some military experts claim, we could destroy ISIS in 36 hours, and then leave, we should do it.  They’re a bunch of terrorists who’ve declared war on us, and we should kill as many of them as we can, and go home.  I’m sure the 82nd Airborne would love to jump in and do the job.  They would do it with relish.

I’ll be closely watching Kasich when this comes up.  Keith Faber told me that Kasich is completely opposed to nation building.  That’s a start.  But since then he’s come across as more hawkish.  The best path for him is to get in the middle between warhawks like Bush and Cruz on the one hand and Paul on the other.  Extreme reluctance to enter foreign conflicts is very good politics.  Oh, and it’s right.

I’ll give Trump some credit here.  In Europe he was asked about the Russian annexation of Crimea.  His answer was spot on.  Why is this our problem?  Why can’t the Germans handle this?  Why are we the world’s policeman?  Go Donald.

Judging from the comments at the American Thinker, there are a lot of people, apparently from Ohio, who think Kasich is a RINO.  I’m not buying.  Scott Walker gets major cred for his union reforms in Wisconsin.  But Kasich won even stronger reforms in Ohio, because police and firemen unions were not excluded, as they were in Wisconsin.  Because he went whole hog, he overreached, and sympathy for those cops and firefighters led to the referendum repealing these reforms.  But he went for it.  He was all in.  When I saw him in Phoenix he was still pissed off about losing.  That’s a RINO?  I don’t think so.

Once Bush craters, it’s game on between Walker and Kasich.  One of them will survive to be the alternative to the Tea Party candidate.  I’m looking forward to reading the body language between them.  Walker’s not as bright as Kasich, but he’s easily underestimated.  This is a man of cold calculation, and an iron will  — a marathon man.  He will go the distance.  You’ve got to admire him.

Every now and then a news story comes up and proves, once again, that our tide runs strong.  Joe Biden is being taken seriously in the Democratic Presidential contest.  This belongs in the Onion.

Since I’m a registered psychoanalyst, I’ll weigh in.  Joe’s running.  He’s already made up his mind.  Why the hell shouldn’t he run?  He’s 72 years old, and at that age (which I, sadly, am approaching) you do whatever the hell you want to do.  Why hold back?  What are saving it up for?  He’s waiting for another couple months so all the press speculation will give him free media.

Joe Biden is convinced, deep in his bones, that he would be one of the greatest Presidents in history.  He knows he can do the job.  When he campaigns, and is the center of attention, he glows with pleasure.

He also knows Clinton is dirty.  He knows about a lot more dirt than we do, and some of it’s really bad.  The New York Times knows this as well, which is why it’s pushing him into the race.

So, here we are, a year before the Conventions, and the best the D’s can come up with is Joe Biden?

1920 here we come.

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