The Hive of the left is restive

That was going to be my blog today.  I liked what I wrote, so I submitted it to the American Thinker as a blog post.  They only run original material, so I can’t post it yet.  (just did)  40 years ago an NR writer named Joe Sobran came up with the idea of the Hive of liberalism.  They don’t actually conspire among themselves.  They’re like bees in a hive, they all know what everyone’s supposed to do.  I’ve always liked that metaphor.

Two words Donald needs to say tomorrow night:  “You’re fired!”

Did a little work today on Idaho and Wyoming.  Bill Fruth promised to come out of retirement and, if at all possible, go to Boise to try to replicate what he did in Nashville.  Where he totally kicked ass.  His testimony at a Senate hearing turned a committed opponent into a yes.  This is virtually unheard of.  He turned the whole damn legislature, winning unanimously in the Senate, and losing only three in the House.  Amazing.

We need Fruth.

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