Lindsey Graham doesn’t look like much of a tough guy, but man he can talk tough.  We’ll fight in Iraq, again, we’ll fight in Syria, we’ll fight in Afghanistan, we’ll be sending our soldiers all over the world.

But once we get in, how do we get out?  If Syria is in chaos, must we build a state there to restore order?  When are we going to be able to get out of Afghanistan, when it’s been transformed into Oregon?  Do we have to do Iraq all over again?  Hell, while we’re at it, let’s go to war in Ukraine.  We’ll show those Russkies!

We don’t need wars, we need police actions.  Go in, kick ass, and get out.  Pick the biggest stronghold ISIS has.  Send in the 82nd Airborne, kill them all, and leave.  Graham, just like McCain, is a dangerous man. War is the absolute, total last resort.  There may be enough war hawks in the Republican Party to give Graham a bounce.  I doubt it.  Thank God he doesn’t have a prayer.

Santorum reached for the Reagan mantle, but missed.  You don’t call yourself a “child of Reagan”.  How about one of Reagan’s soldiers?

Perry referred to Fiorina in response to a question.  That was smart.  She’s very, very good.  She probably would be a good President.  But it’s not where you start a political career.  Carly Fiorina will be a high cabinet officer in any Republican administration, the higher the better.  What’s not to like about this woman?

People are ambivalent about Texas.  It’s almost like a different country.  Which it once was.  But George W. Bush, Mr. Texas, was a failed President, and anyone who reminds us of him has a steep hill to climb.  Rick Perry at least made the case that he deserves a second look.  Good on him.  His response on the border was really quite good.  Until he said “Texas!”  Enough with the Texas.

The few who watched come away with the impression that Fiorina and Perry deserve to be on the big stage.  The others?  It’s just not big enough.

What is it with guys like Pataki and Gilmore?  Do they really think they’e got a shot?  Why?  I don’t get it.

I liked the question, Describe Hillary in two words.  Any body can play that game.  I think I’d go with dishonest and greedy.  There are so many words to choose from.

Big picture:  there were seven people at the undercard, every one of whom is capable of being a solid successful President (Lindsay Graham excepted).  Not just an improvement on Obama, but someone capable of turning this country around.  The tide runs with all of them.  The tide doesn’t need a leader.

Just someone to steer.

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