The Donald, the Curse, and Latent Homosexuality

In an exclusive interview with Larry Flynt of Penthouse magazine Presidential hopeful Donald Trump clarified his criticism of Fox News host Megan Kelly.

Trump:  “I never said she had the curse.  That’s bullshit.  But I’ll tell you this, Larry.  I know women, and this broad needs to get laid.  Big time.  If her husband was doing his job she’d be walking around with a smile on her face, instead of being a complete bitch.”

The piece before this, about Jeb! Bush, was declined by the American Thinker.  They don’t do humor, I guess.  But the editors there are giving me a fair shake, which is all I can ask.  Maybe I’ll do the Jeb! thing over, this time without the humor.

I like writing about Jeb!, mainly so I can always refer to him as Jeb! Bush.  The exclamation point is a reference to the intensity of his appeal.  Whatever you say, Jeb!

His brother’s record of failure is not a joke.  It’s a very big issue for Jeb!  The smart thing would be to cop to the fact that George was always the dumb one, Jeb!’s the smart one, and Jeb! won’t screw up like his brother.  But, family loyalty.  He’s in a box.

My wife watched most of the debate.  She didn’t like it when Jeb! was taking heat over his brother’s conduct of the Iraq War.  He was being loyal to his brother, so she sympathized with him.  This is important.  Kasich should not personally try to tie Jeb! to his brother’s dismal record.  Women will sympathize with him.  This is the job of the media, or of surrogates.

She liked Rubio, a lot.  She didn’t hear a word he said, but he’s her favorite.  He’s a hot Latino.  Boy is this guy going to be an asset as VP.  He could help all over the country, not just Florida.

She thought Kasich looked a little goofy, like he should have been wearing a string tie.  I didn’t see it, but she’s a woman, and she sees what she sees.  He can’t change who he is, but he needs to comport himself as a serious man.

Fox News in general, and Chris Wallace in particular, are in the tank for Kasich.  It’s plain as day.  Wallace has gotten so bad he spouts Kasich talking points, like “86 out of 88 counties!”  They’ve got to dial it back.

The Right is not a hive, like the Left, and we don’t have a Queen like they do.  Fox News, and Roger Ailes, are somewhat analogous, though.

It’s nice to have friends in high places.

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