Dave Guldenschuh, the silver tongued terror of the Rome, Georgia, Police Department, has a new blog,  .  Here it is.  Just as I have been recording the progress of the Article V movement, so will Dave.  Lately I’ve been posting about a lot of other things, and not really keeping up in reporting on Article V.  So I’m very pleased to welcome Dave to our little corner of the blogosphere.  He starts off with a great story about George Mason, the Father of the Bill of Rights.

Submitted a blog piece to American Thinker (AT) today, entitled “The Trump Card”.  I’ll print, or link, to it tomorrow.  The commenters at AT are mostly Trump people.  But they’re not all crazy.  Half of them approved of my piece on Article V.  These are the Trump people who can be brought back in.  But some of them are so pissed off that they’ve thrown in the towel on all politics, parties and politicians.  They’ll sit it out, they say.  We’ll see.

I’m trying to think of an analogy to Trump in our political history.  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura come closest, I guess.  And they both won.  This is a little scary.

You can compare him to Ross Perot, but Trump is much more.  He’s a top tier celebrity in his own right.  What we’re witnessing is the intersection of the world of politics and the world of entertainment.  And there are a lot of people who are more interested in Hollywood than politics.  I’m married to one.  Half the people who watched the debate were there to see Trump.  He’s got the networks eating out of his hand.  He’s the lead on most of the Sunday shows, and he’s phoning it in.  That’s all he’ll give them.  They’ll take whatever they can get.  Ratings.

He can keep this up as long as he wants.  He just can’t try to top himself, to be even more provocative.  There’s a line there somewhere.  He hasn’t crossed it yet, but he’s gotten close.  I’m betting he keeps his head.  He’s a pro at this stuff.  I think he lasts into New Hampshire.  And anyone who tells you they know how he’ll do is full of it.  Nobody.  Knows.  Anything.

Jeb!’s response to the flap was instructive.  He did what was expected him, and harshly criticized Trump.  Jeb! will always do what’s expected of him.  He’s very dutiful.  He’s not his own man.

Kasich is playing the Trump story just right.  Perfect, in fact.  He’s showing skills.  His performance at the debate bodes well.

He’s getting closer to the catbird’s seat.

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