Mr. Trump, meet Senator Sanders

There are 185 comments at the American Thinker on “The Trump Card”, the vast majority solidly behind the Donald.  He’s calling spades spades.  He speaks for them.

Actually, he speaks for a lot of us when he expresses contempt for, in Ted Cruz’s phrase, the Washington cartel.  Bernie Sanders is tapping the same vein, except on the left.  The politics of Washington D.C. is a sink of corruption, and it’s plain for all to see, left and right.  The question for us is bringing Trump people into the fold.  The Democrats will need to get Sanders people lined up behind Hillary, which could be an even tougher task.

Sanders crowds are pumped, motivated.  Hillary will never generate that kind of enthusiasm.  So for every Trump voter who sits it out, there may be a Sanders voter joining them.

Despite having been married so long to a truly gifted liar, Hillary can’t pull it off.  Great liars, like Bill, are shameless and unembarrassed by their lies, so they betray nothing in their speech and manner.  Poor liars, like Hillary, compensate by aggression.  They know that people don’t believe them, so they get pugnacious about it.  Even on the willfully blind left, it’s obvious to see that Bernie Sanders is speaking from the heart, something Hillary doesn’t know how to do.

So go Bernie and go Donald.  Maybe they should do a campaign event together.  They agree that massive immigration is hurting the American working poor.  Get together on that, and their opposition to trade deals, and have a rally.  Trump people meet Sanders people.  It would be good theater.  The Donald needs to give Bernie a call.

I’ll be submitting more stuff to AT, and as long as it’s good quality I’m confident they’ll run it.  AT’s Rick Moran edited “The Trump Card”, and made it better.  They take themselves pretty seriously there, so humor and flippancy are out.  Erick Erickson calls his meeting RedState, and I referenced it as Red Meat.  They took that out.  That’s fine, as long as I know the rules.

I like to think that I can match the quality of most of the stuff they publish at AT, so I’m looking forward to having an outlet other than this blog.

We shouldn’t lose sight of what a great success the debate was.  Just about everybody did well.  Thanks to Trump, 24 million people saw a lot of our candidates for the first time.  Collectively, and individually, a pretty impressive group.  This was the real kickoff of the 2016 race, and, as a harbinger of things to come, it bodes well.

Next year’s Article V campaign will take place in the heat of the most critical time of the primary campaign.  If the Republicans seem to be getting their act together, and Hillary is struggling, it should help us.  At this point in our political history the last thing anybody needs to be worrying about is the threat posed to our freedom by an Article V Convention.   Fear is what we’re fighting.

Six months from now, if we’re winning, fear strikes out.

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