I submitted a piece on Joe Biden to American Thinker.  I’ll either print or link to it tomorrow.

I think Joe will run if Obama or the NYT let him know they’re willing to dish Hillary, which I think one of them will do, if they haven’t already.  Pure speculation on my part, but what the hell?

Biden would be running for Obama’s third term and I think he’d get creamed in the general.  But nobody knows anything, and I guess he’d have just as good a shot as Hillary, if not better.  Though I’m very skeptical of Hillary’s chances, I don’t want her to have any chance at all.  She’d be a terrible President, and I think she’s a terrible person.  Take her out in the primary.  Don’t take any chances.

Biden’s actually an appealing guy in some ways.  The best campaign book ever written was “What It Takes” by Richard Ben Cramer.  A lot of it is about Biden, and it’s a great read.  He’s an egomaniac and a bit of a buffoon, but not a bad guy.

Still waiting to hear back from Rep. Christy Perry in Idaho about setting up a conference call.  I think we may need to wait until after Labor Day, when school gets back in session, before we can get anyone focused on next year’s legislative sessions.  That would give us four months to get ready  — plenty of time.

I’m working on a piece  comparing and contrasting Jeb! and Trump.  Polar opposites.  If the Trump people will refuse to support a Republican nominee, Bush would be the one.  I think I can make into a pretty good piece, which I can get linked to  That’s my next goal in my budding career in journalism.

Everybody has to have a dream.

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