Here’s the link to my review:

The commenters don’t like Meryl Streep and they don’t like the review.  They’re a sullen bunch.  I think Ricki Rendazzo is another Archie Bunker  — a lovable redneck.

Someone tried to label Hillary’s problem as “Servergate”, but I think Emailgate is better.  The server is only part of the story.

The Hive is in tumult.  It continues to receive signals from the Queen, but is hesitant to descend on Hillary.  It has defended the Clintons for twenty-three years.  To turn on her now feels traitorous.  Maureen Dowd has the task of clarifying the Queen’s desires.   Tomorrow we should see a column giving guidance.  If she writes approvingly about Biden she’s telling him, and the Hive, that the Queen wants him to run, and will have his back.  This may be all he’ll get, for now.  The Queen doesn’t want to be held directly responsible for destroying Hillary.

Can Joe trust the Queen?  Is she really through with Hillary, or is she just angry at her for her sloppiness and recklessness?  Joe’s been playing this game for a very long time.  He’ll figure it out.  He only runs with the Queen’s blessing.

On a personal level, there’s always been something tacky and low class about the Clintons.  Their vulgarity and arrogance does not really appeal to the Queen, which will make it easier for her issue the final edict, when the time comes.

“Off with her head.”

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