Super Egos

After the guys finish golf, the Obamas and Clintons will both attend Vernon Jordan’s birthday party tonight.  They won’t be talking about email, I’d wager.  Everyone knows that Obama could squash Hillary’s campaign like a bug, and may be in the process of doing just that.  But do Bill and Hillary have anything on Obama?  Are they capable of damaging him?

Meanwhile, in South Carolina, Biden is bidin’ his time.  He’ll chat with the prez tomorrow, and get a feel for where things stand.  If he runs it will for one term only, just like James K. Polk, one of our most effective Presidents.  But Polk was an American imperialist and a protege of Jackson, so Biden can’t make reference to him.  The news today is that Joe would bypass Iowa and New Hampshire and start in South Carolina, where black Democrats will be 50% of primary voters.  Obama beat Hillary by 29 points there in 2008.

To win South Carolina Biden will need to win the black vote, and that can only be done by embracing everything Barack Obama has done, declaring his fealty to Obamaism forever, and pledging to defend the magnificent legacy of our first black President.  He’ll play the race card, for sure, for as he once said of Republicans to a black audience, “They want to put you in chains.”

You can see this working, but it’s poison in the general election.  People don’t want Obama to have a third term.  Enough is enough.  But to win the nomination, Biden has no choice.  He can’t afford to have any daylight between himself and Obama.

This bodes well.

My review of Ricki and the Flash was a bomb, according to the commenters at American Thinker.  But somebody posted it at, which was very nice.  I looked up the rankings of conservative websites, and to my surprise I found AT has more viewers than Lucianne.  In fact, at #36, it’s only one rank behind Instapundit, which I thought everybody reads.  I’ve dealt with three editors there, Lifson, Dunn and Moran, and all of them have been kind enough to do a little editing of my stuff.  I intend to keep submitting pieces on at least a weekly basis.  At some point I’ll circle back to Article V and our BBA campaign.  If I’ve developed some credibility through the pieces I’ve submitted maybe readers will wake up to the potential of Article V.  In the best case scenario the readership could be seduced into fans, and even cheerleaders, of what we’re doing.   I could give like a weekly update.  There’s plenty of time for all that.  I’m just thankful I have a foot in the door. I wrote my first article when I was fourteen, and a sophomore at St. Mary’s High in Berkeley.  Study hall was at 2:10 in the afternoon, so I titled it 2:10 Chaos.  Everybody was supposed to sit at their desk and do homework.  There was no teacher present, just a Senior acting as monitor.  So we all tried to figure out ways to annoy him, up to and including spit balls, rhythmic tapping of the feet, and all simultaneously yelling “Root!’ at the slightest provocation.

I remember the first line.  “It’s not held in the hall, and doesn’t have anything to do with study, so why do we call it study hall?”

I haven’t changed.

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