Affirmative action

So I saw this piece in The Federalist by some Pecksniff named Ben Domenech, who says Republicans are following Trump into oblivion by catering to working class whites.  Talk of mass deportation of illegals is political poison.  And I’m thinking the Donald needs to expand his critique of immigration policy to include denunciation of affirmative action.  That would really get the Church Ladies of the Republican Party up in arms.  I’m assuming Trump’s position, which is always dangerous, since the first three letters of assume are ass.  I google it and lo and behold the Donald is fine with affirmative action. The WaPo published a transcript of last week’s Meet the Press interview, and in a part that was not broadcast Trump says he’s cool with it.

I had already written a piece for American Thinker in my head.  Al I had to do was write it down.  Then I find out the Donald’s actual position, and I have to start over.  I submitted it, and will link it or print it tomorrow.

Some Republican should go after Trump on this issue.  If he had a pair, Jeb! is the logical choice.  As Governor he took strong action to curb affirmative action in Florida.  He should Trumpet it, but he won’t  — because he’s a Church Lady himself, and is the candidate of the Church Lady wing of the party.  So somebody else.  Cruz is the next obvious choice.  Cruz is one of those guys who knows he’s really smart and loves to show it.  But being smart and understanding politics are two different things.  In Alaska I knew guys who were room temperature IQ, but had great political skills.  They had a kind of low, animal cunning.  I underestimated these guys, and paid for it.   I have yet to see Cruz show any real political skill.  Attacking Trump’s support of affirmative action would call for some deft politics.  Is Cruz capable, politically?  I kind of doubt it.  Some old hand like Huckabee could pull it off, no sweat.

I read somewhere that the Donald has it in, personally, for Jeb!, and is telling people if he goes down Jeb!’s going with him.  This is because the Bushes used their clout with Univision to get them to dump Trump.  If this is true  — and it rings true — it’s a big deal.  Bush has decided to take Trump on, and this will only encourage him to wreak vengeance, if need be.  Trump will not be nominated, but he is fully capable of taking Bush out.  That’s the kind of thing he knows.

I figured Biden might pull a Polk, and pledge to be a one-termer, but what I didn’t see was preannouncing his running mate as Sen. Elizabeth Warren.   If that’s the plan, it’s brilliant.  It sounds like something an old political pro like Biden would come up with.  I’m beginning to gain a Strange New Respect for Crazy Joe.  He’s cunning, like those guys I knew in Alaska.  A man with great political skills, unbridled ambition, and a sense of destiny; and a man of enormous self confidence.  An honest man, who has watched the Clinton money grubbing with disgust for over twenty years.  A man who wants to say yes to his son’s dying wish.

Joe really, really wants to run.

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