He did it before

Here’s the link to my piece in AT:


There’s another bit of evidence pointing toward a Biden run:  he did it in ’08.  Hillary was expecting a coronation, and Joe Biden stepped up to take her on.  He withdrew when Obama, who was considered “clean”, emerged as an alternative to her.  Whatever made him think he could beat her seven years ago?  Whatever it was, it holds true today, more than ever.

He thinks she’s corrupt, and reckless, politically incompetent and unfit to serve as Commander in Chief.  Does Elizabeth Warren agree?  If she does she’ll be tempted to sign on with Joe.  Do Obama and the Queen of the Hive, the NYT, agree as well?  Judging from the Hive’s buzzing, they’re heading in that direction.

His son Beau was with him back in ’08.  He’s gone now.

Or is he?

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