The odd couple

There are a lot of parallels between Jeb!* and Hillary.  They’re the candidates of the smart money, the conventional wisdom, the lobbyists and the moneyed interests.  And they both suck as candidates.

As we’ve watched Jeb! on the campaign trail it’s obvious he’s out of his element.  He just doesn’t seem comfortable or natural.  It’s as though he’s playing a part, badly.  He’s not a forceful, or gregarious, or confident man.  Sure, it’s August, but he seems to be getting worse.

I’ve argued that a candidate is judged more by the eye than by the ear.  Women, in particular, don’t listen to the words as much as they watch the man.  They pick up on things that most men don’t see.  The Gipper was a good judge of character, but he always acceded to Nancy’s take on somebody.  Just about every politician I’ve known personally does the same thing.  When it comes to sizing someone up, you listen very closely to your wife.

It boils down to comportment.  A man is judged to be a man because he acts like a man.  And women are better at doing the judging.  Jeb! simply does not come across as a strong man.  He seems like a nice man, sure, and well meaning.  But we want strength in our President, and he comes up way short.  There’s really nothing he can do about it.  You can’t fake manhood.  If you try you look like a bully or a fool.

I’m not talking about physical courage.  There are incredibly brave men, physically, who are moral cowards.  And there are physically weak men who are made of iron.  For all I know Jeb! is a master of the martial arts and could kick everybody on the stage’s ass.  Wouldn’t matter.

Strength in a politician begins with a clear understanding of exactly who you are, what you want, what you are and are not capable of, and complete confidence in yourself to handle any challenge along the way.  Jeb! doesn’t have it.

Politics is the smart person’s reality TV, except that it’s real.  Josh the importance of being Earnest was the highlight of today’s episode.  It was a beautiful performance.  This guy has some talent.  His job is to give Biden the green light without stepping too hard on Hillary’s toes.  A bravura performance.  Everybody got the message.  The President would like to see Joe run.  If he had wanted to, he could have nixed it.  Biden simply can’t run without his blessing.  It looks as though the decision has been made.

Hillary’s toast.

* A visit to the Daily Kos shows the left has also picked up on the exclamation point!

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