Political malpractice

Jeb! is losing it.  No one saw Trump coming, and with his arrival the Jeb! game plan lies in tatters.  He doesn’t have a Plan B, and is making stupid mistakes.  First he calls out Asians on anchor babies, and now he’s touting an endorsement by disgraced  and defeated former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  The defeat of Cantor may have been the high water mark of the Tea Party insurgency, and Jeb! is telling every Tea Party member or sympathizer that they’re a bunch of idiots.  Way to go, Jeb!  Insult a third, maybe a half, of Republican primary voters, and have every serious political observer wonder if you’ve lost your mind.

The reason this is troubling is that it demonstrates the disdain the Jeb! crowd feels for the ignorant hoi polloi in flyover country.  Eric and the Bush family are probably good buddies.  Eric is one of the “right people”, who understands how things really work, not some right wing zealot.  Jeb! and Eric are doubtless very comfortable with one another’s company.  They’re practical and reasonable men of the world, who know that in the end, it always gets down to money.  They deserve each other.

I’d hoped the Article V push for a Balanced Budget Amendment would become relevant in the Republican nomination contest, but it won’t happen for a while.  It could still be a topic in a debate, but that doesn’t seem likely.  Maybe the way it comes up is like this:  Kasich does well enough in New Hampshire to make it into March.  He hangs on until March 8th, when he gets a boost out of the Ohio primary.  At that point the Article V BBA gets real, and relevant.  Wisconsin will have been #28.  If things go well, Wyoming (adjourns on March 3rd) is #29, Virginia and West Virginia are #29 and #30 (adjourn March 5th), Idaho is #31 (adjourns March 17th) and Oklahoma is #32 (assuming we get it done early in the session, which adjourns May 25th).

If Kasich’s still on his feet, and we’ve got 32 states, he can start pounding it.  Politically, it is, quite simply, beautiful.  I just can’t imagine a more perfect issue to campaign on in Republican primaries.  Arizona’s primary is set for March 22nd.  Kasich could win Arizona on this issue, if it’s gotten traction.  Depending on where he’s at, it could be a much needed boost.

All idle speculation, I know.  But at this point, and for the foreseeable future, anything could happen.

Bush needs to come to California and get Schwarzenegger’s endorsement, and then sic him on Trump.

Arnold vs. the Donald.  Bread and circuses.

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