Movement on a number of fronts

Lauren Enns has secured the support of Bryce Christiansen, chair of the Utah College Republicans.  They played an important role in winning passage in Utah.  Bryce is very active with the national college YR’s, and believes he can convince other college YR leaders in target states to duplicate the success which was achieved in Utah.  This is something which should have been done long ago.  I tried to reach out to college YR’s in Montana and elsewhere without success.  College YR’s are perfect grass roots lobbyists for our cause.

Lew Uhler has talked with Greg Casey in Idaho, and will follow up with efforts to get to Sen Bart Davis.  Lew is having a 40th birthday party in D.C. for the National Tax Limitation Committee on Oct. 20th, and hopes to have Sen. Enzi in attendance.  If Enzi goes, I’ll go.  I think he’s our best shot at Nicholas and Wyoming.

Man of mystery Sen. Chris Kapenga has gone radio silent.  He’s given assurances that he’s got Wisconsin covered, but we’d like to hear from him.  Chris, give us a call!

Dave Guldenschuh represented us at a Heartland Institute meeting in Dallas, which went well.  They have been distracted in the past by the Compact approach, but are apparently coming to their senses.  They could be a big help if they want to.

John Knubel continues to work at setting up a revived 501(c)(3), and is making progress.  Dave and Susie Biddulph are picking up the tab, as usual.  He has gotten the ear of old acquaintance David Boren, President of the U. of Oklahoma.  He is apparently willing to work with Gary Banz on getting Oklahoma next year.  Boren has the clout to put us over the top there.

John Steinberger, acclaimed unanimously today as a new Co-founder, advises that Sen. Tim Scott is hosting town halls for all Republican presidential candidates in South Carolina.  Trump is scheduled for September 23rd, and we’ll do all we can to get BBA supporters to show up and ask him if he supports using Article V to get to a BBA.  This is the way we can break through to all these candidates — town halls, where they take questions.  If we were better organized we’d have supporters asking our question in every town hall in the country.  As my grandmother used to say, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Bill Fruth and Dave Guldenschuh will team up for a do over in Mississippi next year.  Their Resolution dates from 1975, and may have some technical flaws.  Nothing that couldn’t be overlooked by Congress, but a distraction we don’t need.

Biddulph went to the big Americans for Prosperity meeting in Columbus last week.  There were 4,000 people there, but he did manage to speak to those at the very top of the Koch political empire.  Because the father of the Koch brothers was a militant Bircher, we have explained our lack of support from AFP as a result of the brothers Koch taking a cue from their father.  The runaway convention bugaboo.

They didn’t know anything about us.  They haven’t shunned us because of some Birch inspired superstition.   They never heard of us.  These guys are neck deep in conservative politics.  If there’s any thing going on, they would know about it.  We continue to work in the shadows.  This has got to stop.

This is completely ridiculous.  I informed Biddulph and the rest that my personal involvement is going to be in spreading the message on the internet, not field work (which I’m not that good at, anyway).  This blog is a start, and it’s gaining in circulation.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll continue to submit pieces to AT, and will attempt to spread them across the internet.  If we ever got the word out on what we’re up to we’d be half way home.

It’s hard to know who reads my stuff at AT.  About a third of the numerous commenters are smart and thoughtful.   Another third are smart as well, but very hard right, as far right as you want to go  — no compromise.  And then there’s the Trump people.  These are good people, my kind of people, patriotic people who are scared to death about the future of their country.  They are not politically sophisticated, but they’re not stupid, and only a few are abusive.  If we can get them to the polls in ’16 we’ll get a landslide.

Even though he won’t be the nominee, Trump can win the election if he brings these people to the polls.  He should be satisfied with that.  It would be a service to his country.

We could make America great again.

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