Trump and Cruz

Here’s the link to my AT piece:

Cruz is going to fight to stop funding Planned Parenthood.  McConnell will fund it in order to avoid a shutdown.  I think this is significant because it intersects the real work of legislating with the politics of the campaign.  If Trump doesn’t support what Cruz is doing he’s acquiescing to the McConnell Doctrine, which no good populist can do.

What I’d really like to see is someone confronting McConnell with the implications of his own Doctrine.  For if Congress surrenders the power of the purse, it is a hollow shell of an institution.

Now that I think about it, Trump’s strategy comes into focus.  He’ll oppose “shutting down the government” but will demand that Congress slash spending before approving a debt limit increase.  It’s almost like he’s thought this all through, which is a little scary.

Trump may actually know what he’s doing.  Which means he may be one of the last men standing when the field winnows.  It used to be the perceived wisdom that it would all boil down to a one on one between a “moderate” like Bush and a Tea Party type like Cruz.  But Bush doesn’t look like he’ll make the cut, and Trump is hogging all the Tea Party support.  If you take Bush out of the picture, which you should, it looks like Walker, Rubio or Kasich would be the choices of the “establishment”, with Cruz and Trump competing to be the Tea Party insurgent.

We’ll have to wait six months to see.

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