Wargaming the nomination involves judging the quality not only of the candidates, but their campaigns.  Most of them are underwhelming as of now.

Rubio’s campaign decides it would be smart for him to attack Trump for implying, in his slogan, “Make America Great Again”, that America is not a great country.  What, he’s trying to win the semanticist vote?  Come on, Marco, you’ve got to be able to do better than that.

Walker goes off on the Iran deal, saying anybody who doesn’t tear up the thing on the first day is a pussy.  Oh, Scott, you’re such a tiger!  We’re so impressed.

Bush’s main line of attack against the Donald is to say he’s not a conservative, and Jeb! is.  Really inspiring stuff.  The kind of thing that will cause a mass exodus from the Tribe of Trump.  So Jeb! doubles down (and is immediately nailed by Drudge) and says, “El hombre no es conservador.”    I can see these people at a Trump rally, as the word begins to spread, from one to another, at first in whispers, then becoming a roar, “EL HOMBRE NO ES CONSERVADOR!” and running from the building.

And then on Special Report they lead with a story of Kasich tearing up at a New Hampshire event, soul hugging people.  When Johnny from Ohio left Congress, and  got himself a gig on Fox, and made some friends there, not a lot of people noticed.  It may turn out to be the best move, and the best set of friends, he ever made.

The bill I talked to my Congressman’s staff about  — statutory interpretation of the 14th Amendment with respect to birthright citizenship  — has been introduced by Rep. King of Iowa, HR 140, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  Why not?  Beats me.  D.C. lawyer Mike Stern tells me twenty-two years ago Harry Reid introduced it.  But he’s evolved.

Some high school kid in Troy, Ohio wants to pretend that he’s a girl, so of course they the school tells the girls he can use their bathroom.  Tolerance, don’t you know.  The girls aren’t buying it.  What about the parents?  If you had a daughter in high school, and she tells you this guy at school is pretending to be a girl, and go to the girls bathroom, what do you do?  Shrug your shoulders?  Another story, unconfirmed, of a school sending a little girl home because of her Wonder Woman lunch pail.  Superheroes use violence, so verboten.  If you let them get away with this stuff you deserve it.

If Obama doesn’t come out with a forceful defense of the police, and a condemnation of their killers, I’d be surprised.  It’s Politics 101.  If he doesn’t do it there really is something seriously wrong with this guy.

Sometimes I think of the Left as a zit, or a boil, that needs to be popped, or lanced.  There’s some ugly stuff in there.  Make sure it comes to head so you can get it all.

Around fourteen months from now might be perfect.

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