Face Off

A friend of mine told me about a black kid he knew in Oakland.  A good kid, soft spoken and a little shy.  There was one kid in particular who bullied him, stole from him, and just made his life miserable.  So he got a gun and killed him.  He didn’t know what else to do.

I was reminded of this watching Gingrich on a Sunday show.  They asked him what he would do if he was running against Trump.  He said he had no idea.

I’ve admired Gingrich since his historic win in ’94.  He made his bones, and nobody can take that away from him.  He turned out to be erratic, and something of a drama queen, with an unseemly love of himself.  But he’s always been a smart guy, and when he said he didn’t know what to do with Trump I took that as a personal challenge to come up with something myself.  I submitted it to American Thinker and will either link or publish tomorrow.  The inspiration was that black kid in Oakland, who I imagine to be Jeb!  His tormentor is the Donald.  No, I did not suggest Jeb! pull a gun on him.  I think Jeb! does need to challenge him to a one on one face off, with Rush as the moderator.  Newt always liked to think outside the box.  This is something a little different.

The point is, Jeb! has to do something.  He can’t continue on his current path  — it leads nowhere.

Kindly Dr. Carson is tied with Trump in some poll.  All this tells you is that the polls, insofar as they predict an actual outcome, are worse than useless.  They’re a distraction.  While they don’t predict, the polls inform.  The kindly Doctor has great appeal to the Republican electorate.  He’s the antithesis of Trump, and proves that decency and personal honor are still political winners.  Girls like to have a fling with the macho, macho man.  But they want to marry a kindly doctor.

We’re in a flood tide, and it surges unabated.  The disarray in the enemy camp is more evidence.  If I’m a Democrat I’m tearing my hair out.  Hillary says she was too busy to think about things about email accounts when she became Secretary.  I guess that’s why she went to such great lengths to hire and pay a guy to set up her private server.  The scary thing, for the D’s, is that she thinks people might believe such crap, and that the sycophants who surround her are no better.  It’s odd, she’s been with Bill for so long, and still she doesn’t know how to tell a convincing lie.  It’s a gift, and she just doesn’t have it.

The nice thing about having Trump in the race is that he makes everyone else look normal.  When he does fall by the wayside, and a winner emerges, whoever that is will be mainstream in comparison.  It will be something of a relief to have this boisterous showman off the stage.  A return to normalcy.

Actually, I’ll miss the Donald.  I’ve been in politics 50 years and I’ve never seen anyone like him, at least in this country.  Schwarzenegger was a pussy in comparison.  I hope it doesn’t end badly for the Donald.  I like to think that, at least in part, he’s running because he’s worried about our country.

And he really does want to make it great again.

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