Macho, macho man

The Village People say everybody ought to be a macho, macho man.  But not everybody can.  Take Jeb!  Please.

The real macho, macho man called him out.  It was a challenge he couldn’t ignore, and one he couldn’t handle.  His response to this insult to his manhood is to point out that his tormentor has not been a consistent conservative.  Pretty strong stuff, Jeb!  He’s throwing punches in a knife fight.

So how do you handle a macho, macho man?   Ridicule.  Apparently, in addition to a lack of balls and brains, the Jeb! team doesn’t have a sense of humor.  Trump is, in fact, ridiculous.  Everything about him is so outlandish he’s a sitting duck for some biting sarcasm.  Make fun of him, in a light hearted way.   Talk about his hair, or his women, or his egomania.  Mock him, with a gentle touch.

Macho, macho men don’t like to be laughed at.  It provokes them into doing stupid stuff.  Trump is no exception.  If you want to see him lose it, and go over the top, it will happen when someone pokes fun at him and the audience starts laughing.  Real men are not macho, macho men.  A macho, macho man is trying to prove, to flaunt, his manhood.  Real men don’t do that.  They just act like men.  But to act like a man you have to be a man, and maybe that’s really Jeb!’s problem.  I don’t know much about the guy, but I wonder if he’s ever really manned up?

There are a lot of really bright people working in all these campaigns.  The next debate is a week and a half away.  Somebody will come up with some zingers for the macho, macho man.  If somebody paid me I’d do it myself.

Another thing that will eventually bring down The Man is his ignorance about politics, governance, and the Constitution.  The questions Hugh Hewitt asked him were bullshit, gotcha stuff.  Nobody cares if he doesn’t know the leader of Baluchiistan.  But I don’t think he knows diddly squat about the Constitution.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard him criticize Obama for violating the Constitution.  That would never occur to him.  He doesn’t have a favorite Bible verse because he’s never read the Bible.  Has he ever read the Constitution?  Probably not, and when that is exposed  — and it will be  — he’ll look like a dope.

People are starting to wonder if Trump could actually be elected.  I guess they’re serious.  Well, on the other hand, there were supposedly bright and well informed people who told me, six months ago, that Jeb! was a lock for the nomination, and everybody else was wasting their time and money.  People say the darndest things.

I wish I knew somebody at Saturday Night Live.  They must be doing stuff on Trump, of course they are.  But that song, “I’m a Macho, Macho Man!”, is so perfect for a skit that it’s got to happen.

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