Could Uber go under?

A federal lawsuit, based on California labor law, could kill Uber.  It would make employees of its drivers, thus driving it out of business, eventually.  But Uber has a way out.

The company’s supposed to be worth $50 billion.  One quarter of one percent of that amount, or $125 million, can get them out of danger.

If it is true, as I read, that Uber’s potential liability derives from California law, change California law through an initiative.  Call it the Freedom to Work initiative.  For a few million you gather the signatures.  Spend $100 million or so on a campaign to pass it.  Introduce the voters to the thousands of Uber drivers who make or supplement their living working when they’re able and willing.  Let the defenders of the nanny state tell all the Millennials that this service that they like so much they just can’t have.  Because?

It’s private sector vs. the government campaign.  Uber would win it, and in the process help every California Republican on the ballot, all of whom would support it.  If Rep. Devin Nunes runs for the Senate, this issue, along with the drought  — which Democrats have done nothing to ameliorate  — could make him competitive.

Somebody on the internet succinctly made the best argument rebutting Hillary’s email defenses.  As Secretary of State, she conducted business using her email account.  How do you conduct the business of being Secretary of State without discussing classified information?  You can’t.

The Queen continues to send signals to Uncle Joe.  The latest public wink and nod is a NYT story revealing that a high level intelligence team has concluded that at least two of her emails contained Top Secret information.  The source — the Queen  — is more important than the story.  Because Uncle Joe, and everybody else, knows the Queen can take Hillary down.  She’s telling him that, if he runs, she will.

It more and more looks like it’s coming down to Jill Biden.  She really doesn’t want to go through this. At all.  But she hasn’t said no.  And when she sees her husband of over 40 years coming home from a Labor Day Rally, all pumped up at the reception he’d received, she knows  what would make him happy.  I feel for her.

Because she’s such a God awful candidate, Hillary would be the ideal Democrat to run against.  But because you never know, I hope Biden beats her, just as I hoped Obama would beat her eight years ago.  The Clintons are thoroughly corrupt, a political crime family.  Even the most remote possibility of them returning to the White House must be avoided.  So go Joe!

Think about the dynamic of a Biden vs. Anybody But Bush as the Republican.  Biden (and Clinton, for that matter) are the defenders of the status quo.  They can’t run a Change campaign, because Obama’s been a perfect President, so what needs changing?   The Republican promises a wholesale reform of Washington, top to bottom.  Clean house, and start fresh, with new ideas and new people.  Biden has nothing to campaign on, except as a reactionary defending all the special interests which are on the tit.  It would be a Soak the Rich campaign, which isn’t going to sell.  Soaking the rich won’t give us 4% growth, which is the only thing that will save us.  Soaking the rich won’t get you a job.  Somebody once said, It’s the economy, stupid.

It still is.

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