Fiorina’s moment

The Donald has given her a once-in-a-campaign opportunity. By criticizing a woman’s appearance, hers, he’s opened himself up, as never before.  She’s holding her fire, for now, which is smart.  She’ll want the whole country watching when she sticks it to him.  At the debate next week, preferably in the early going, she needs to turn to Trump and say, “I must say, Donald, that your hair is just fabulous tonight.”   After the debate she can tell the press that she’s hoping the Donald will share his hair stylist with her.

God knows how Trump would react.  Reality TV, baby.

Fiorina looks like she’d be a good Secretary of State.  I saw her in person at ALEC two years ago, so I’m not surprised at her success.  She can get through to people, and has a great story.  If she really wants to rip into Trump she can talk about her start in business: typing envelopes.  She could compare it to the Donald’s, who started with a few hundred million from Daddy.  Money which, if invested in an index fund, would have produced as much profit as all of the Donald’s vaunted deal making has produced.

Jindal’s out today calling out Trump as an egomaniacal opportunist.  All well and good, Bobby, but you need a stiletto, not a broad sword.  Needle him, have some fun.  One of these candidates is eventually going to display some wit, which will be helpful.

Punditry is a tough  business.  Stu Rothenberg is a guy worth reading.  He actually has some interesting analysis.  But, like a stock picker buying at the top of the market, he chose the moment of Trump’s peak popularity, yesterday, to announce a major shift in his thinking.  We now have to take the Donald seriously.  Gee, thanks, Stu.  Way to time your call.

Yesterday I said Sanders had a way to appeal to blacks, starting in South Carolina.  In the WaEx Byron York does some excellent reporting on Bernie in Iowa, where, as of today, he’s leading.  I’m getting the impression that Democrats don’t mind the Socialist tag on him.  At least he’s a genuine socialist.  Hillary’s a genuine Clinton, which means she’ll say and do anything: whatever it takes.  All she’s really got going for her is her victimhood.  Her husband has made a fool of her, taken advantage of her, and used her.   Seduced and abandoned.  A lot of women sympathize.  It’s just not enough.

I see Kasich being taken seriously here and there.  It’s real simple, folks. If you assume Jeb! crashes and burns, where does all that support go?  Christie?  Fuggedaboutit.  Walker?  The man is simply not that bright.  I hate to engage in looksism, but as I study the man closely, especially about the mouth, he looks a little slow.  His lower lip sags down toward his chin, giving him a mildly retarded look.  He’s smart enough to be an extremely successful Governor in a very tough environment. I read his book.  He is unintimidated.  It accounts for his success.  But he is not an intellectually curious man, and he has been so focused on his job as Governor that he doesn’t really understand what’s going on in the rest of the world.  He’d make a great Cabinet Secretary, maybe Secretary of Labor.  Just kidding.  Or not.

Which leaves Don Juan of Florida.  A 44 year old one term Senator of no particular accomplishment.  His big try at legislating was an immigration bill that he had to walk away from.  Oh, he’s Hispanic.  I was born and raised in California, and moved back here fourteen years ago.  Let me tell you something about Chicanos in particular, and Hispanics in general.  They don’t give a rat’s ass that Rubio is “Hispanic”.  He’s not one of them.  Trust me on that.

So, take your pick, Rubio, Kasich or Cruz.

They’d all kick ass.

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