Movin’ Like Bernie

I like to think that I can spot a trend as quickly as the next guy. So I was thinking about how awful Hillary is, has been, and will be, and that she’s walking dead, politically.  So why not Bernie?  But he’s a socialist!  Well, so’s Obama, and Hillary for that matter.  They’re all a bunch of damn socialists.  Bernie’s just honest about it.  And then I read about this new British Labor Party leader who’s a little to the left of Trotsky.  There are a lot of interesting parallels between British and American political cycles, and I think this bodes well for Bernie.  So I decide Bernie has an honest to God shot at the nomination, something you can’t say about Trump, whose act is already wearing thin.  So I decide to take a look at Bernie on Face the Nation, and, bam!, I see CBS has a new poll showing him up by ten in Iowa and twenty-two in New Hampshire.  So I’m a little late to the party.

Now I see he’s drawing big crowds in South Carolina, in the company of Cornel West, who’s telling the brothers to listen to this man.  Mostly white crowds, it’s true, but it’s a start.

We’re told Bernie has no appeal to blacks, who are supposed to be crazy about Hillary.  Oh, really?  What’s she ever accomplished on behalf of black people?  What is the source of her great strength in the black community?  It’s got to be her husband, who did have real support there.  So, I guess, it just transfers to her.  I’m not buying it.  I think blacks can be detached from Hillary.  I can’t say this for sure, because I really don’t interact much with black people, except at baseball games.  But she is such an unattractive candidate, and race has nothing to do with it.  Black people look at her and see the same thing everybody else does, an entitled, humorless bitch, as phony as a three dollar bill.  You think black people can’t pick up on that?

Bernie has a bit of a dilemma, though.  Even though he’s a socialist, and therefor economically illiterate, he does seem aware of the fact that massive immigration of unskilled labor into this country is a very bad thing for blacks.  If he says this he pisses off La Raza, but it’s the one way he can prove to the blacks of this country that he’s got their back.  Man up, Bernie.  Even politicians should tell the truth once in a while.

Then I see Kasich on Fox, and he was in fine form.  He screwed up the birthright citizenship question, but, then again, he’s not a lawyer, so I’ll blame it on his staff.  You don’t need to amend the Constitution to end it, as Professor Rob Natelson has pointed out, here.  Congress passes a law interpreting and implementing the 14th Amendment in a way that ends the practice, the President signs and enforces it, and than it’s up to the Supreme Court to contravene the other two coequal branches of government and require birthright citizenship.  Which, depending on the attendant circumstances, it might not do.

But Kasich is very comfortable with Chris Wallace.  It’s like these guys used to hang out together.  As they bade farewell, Wallace looked at him with such affection that I thought he had a man crush on him.  Rein it in, Chris.

Kasich answered all the questions just fine, but that was not what impressed.  He was in a good mood, and he let it show.  At the end he was perfect.  The Happy Warrior.  It worked.  Now all he has to do is replicate that performance Wednesday night.  Johnny be good.

That’s what we say to our kids, here and in the Anglosphere.  Be good.  In France they say, Be wise.  In Germany, Get in line.

What do these crazy Islamic fanatics say, Death to Israel?

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