Uber Volk Uber Alles

$25,000 will get an initiative drafted that could save Uber.  It would redefine employment in California law, so as to exclude Uber drivers.  Written by Tom Hiltackh, the foremost attorney in California in this field.  If this sum can be raised in the next month, the initiative would be submitted for a 60 day review by the State.  And when it is approved the Ubervolk would decide, in January, if they want to spend the money to put it on the ballot  — a couple million, tops.  Thanks to Bob Naylor, and Tom Hiltackh, for arranging to make this option available.

I emailed this info to Greg Wendt, along with a venture capitalist I have a passing acquaintance with.  If anyone reading this blog knows an Uber executive or investor, please pass it along.  I think the powers that be in the State of California are out to kill Uber, and the sharing economy in general.  The people of California, if given a chance, would stop it.  Thanks to this blog, I’ve run this thing up the flagpole.  Now it’s up to all the smart people in Silicon Valley, with all their smart money.

I see my friend Bill Cowsert, Georgia Senate Majority Leader, has signed on as Kascih’s Georgia Co-chair.  Good for Bill, good for Kasich.  I wish more Article V activists, like Bill, would follow his example.

It’s frustrating to see all the fires in the West.  Idaho Speaker Bedke explained to me that forest land in Idaho that is owned and managed by the State doesn’t have much of a fire problem.  Scientific forest management, selected harvesting, and other methods on State land all work very well.  But the 60% of Idaho owned  by the federal government is not managed properly.  Environmentalists, bureaucrats, and politicians see to that.  So Idaho burns.  Someone explain to me, please, why the federal government owns all this land?  Let’s help balance the budget by giving this land to the states where it’s located, and the people who live there.

I said last week we were at peak Trump, and nothing has changed my mind.  The latest national poll, Monmouth, puts him at 28%.  I don’t think he’ll ever be north of 33% again. We will see.

I’ve figured if Biden gets in, he wins. He wouldn’t run if he didn’t have some sort of assurances from Obama and the NYT that they’re going to take Hillary out.  I wasn’t taking Sanders seriously, and that may have been a mistake.  I remember McGovern in ’72.  He caught lightning in a bottle, and came out of nowhere.  And Bernie is actually a more appealing figure than McGovern, who usually wore a snarl on his face.  Democrats were really, really pissed off about Vietnam in ’72.  I know that Republicans today are just as pissed off as the Democrats were back then.

Are Democrats that pissed off today?   Maybe so.  Maybe everybody is pissed off.  Maybe somebody should run like that.

Be the leader of the pissed off party.

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