Bulldogs, Gamecocks, and Politics

Down South they take college football seriously, and this weekend the student athletes of South Carolina will travel to play a game against the student athletes of Georgia.  Our man in Georgia, Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert, will host the South Carolina House and Senate Majority Leaders, and possibly the Speaker, in a private box at the game.  He has also arranged a meeting with the KIngfish of South Carolina politics, octogenarian Hugh Leatherman, Senate Finance Chair.  Bill is a very savvy guy, and we could not possibly have a better envoy to the, frankly, bizarre world of the South Carolina legislature.  If we’re going to get South Carolina next year, it will be Bill Cowsert’s doing.

Speaking of football, I think broadcaster and former NFL coach Jon Gruden, or “Chuckie”, as he was called, should do an imitation of Trump.  There is an eerie similarity.

Bill Fruth confirmed this morning that he will meet with Senate President Phil Nicholas on 9-22.  He’ll spend a few days traveling in Wyoming, seeing other legislators, but Nicholas has always been the key. My bones tell me Bill pulls it off, we get Nicholas, and we get Wyoming.

Mike Sterns says our chances in Virginia depend on the November elections to the State Senate.  Right now R’s are up 21-19, and hope to add a seat, or maybe two.  But they may wind up losing one instead, which would put the D’s in charge, and end our chances.  Biddulph will be doing what he can to help in the key races.

Because Trump brought such a huge audience to the first debate, it was far more important than it normally would have been.  24 million of the most politically aware voters in the country got their first impressions of the candidates.  A first impression creates a presumption in our minds.  We presume we know something about what we see.  It is a rebuttable presumption.  But until it is rebutted, it is our opinion.  Scott Walker did not make a good impression.  According to a new NYT poll, he’s down to 2 from 10, Bush is down to 6 from 13, and Carson is up from 6 to 23.

Now the candidates get to make another impression.  In most cases, they seek an improvement, but there’s that little thing called authenticity.  Take Walker, and his wild talk about going to Washington and “wreaking havoc.”   He reminds me of these pretty boy actors, like Brad Pitt, when they try to play the role of some tough guy.  It doesn’t work.  They’re not believable.  And neither is Scott Walker as a berserker.*

I saw clips of Trump in Dallas, and it’s so obvious what’s going on.  He’s putting on a one man show.  Improv with the Donald.  It’s got nothing to do with politics.  It’s entertainment.  People would pay to see it.  He’s a goddamn rock star.

This has very little to do with politics. It’s all pure theater, and good theater at that.  He’s a great entertainer, kind of like a cross between Don Rickles and Bob Hope.  I said last week that we’d reached peak Trump.  If I’m wrong it ‘s because Donald Trump knows how to put on a show.

Politics is more fun than football.

*In Norse folklore, one of a class of warriors who in battle were seized with a frenzy, howled, bit their shields, foamed at the mouth, and were believed invulnerable.

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