My people

I’m working on a piece for AT, which I’ll probably submit in a couple days, and post here.  It’s a defense of John Roberts, who I think is the smartest man in public life today.

I generally like politicians.  During my eight years in the legislature, I got to know a lot of them pretty well.  Almost all of them, even some of the ones that were corrupt, wanted to do good.  Very few were just in it for themselves.  So when I think of the fifteen candidates on the stage tonight, I sympathize with every one of them.  Competition is always good, and politics is no exception.  Whoever emerges will be stronger for the competition.  And the rest will be a legend within their family for generations.  A hundred years from now, mothers will tell her children, “Did you know that your great grandfather ran for President?”

Or, great grandmother, thank you very much.

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