The Gubernatorial Candidate

It used to be conventional wisdom that a Governor would be the ideal Republican Presidential candidate.  Obama had soured us on politicians, such as Senators, without executive experience.  A big state Governor with a proven record of conservative accomplishment would have the best shot.  This was B.T.  When Trump took off this line if thinking disappeared.  So let’s look at A.T., after Trump.

This is not premature.  You think ahead, and make assumptions.  I assume Trump is not the nominee.  Or Fiorina or Carson.  I’m kind of surprised that so many people seem to take them seriously.  I shouldn’t be.  Right now this campaign is all media, and the media is ravenous for new story lines and personalities.  Trump, Fiorina and Carson are media creations.  None of them have accomplished a damn thing in politics.  Their presence impacts the race, though.  I love having an extremely bright woman and an extremely bright black man in this field, and I hope they last a long time, and have a graceful exit.  And the Donald brings the ratings, God bless him.  We had 23 million of the most politically concerned American voters watch our field Wednesday night, thanks in large part to him.

As for the Governors I never took Christie seriously, for a host of reasons.  And, as I believe I’ve mentioned, I have never, for one minute, thought that Jeb! could get the nomination.  Part of that is wishful thinking, I admit.  But I have not seen one thing to make me change my mind.  Which leaves Walker, who, I must say, is beginning to really look desperate.  We’ve all seen that look before.  It’s quite sad.  The funny thing is, he had his moment.  But his timing was off.  He hadn’t thought things through, so he wasn’t ready.  And, in the blink of an eye, it was gone, never to return.  He’s a good guy, and you have to feel for him.

Which leaves Kasich as the Gubernatorial candidate.  At this point in the campaign it doesn’t help much.  Nobody’s listening.  People are just looking.  Down the road, when people actually start paying attention, it will be a great asset.  Just as everybody said, B. T.  When I was gaming this out, six months ago, I figured there wasn’t enough room in the race for both Kasich, and Walker.  One of them had to go, they were in the same space.  I really didn’t foresee Walker becoming irrelevant this early.  If you’re a Kasich supporter, this is a big deal.  You want to give Walker supporters a welcome, if you can figure out how to do it.

Ryan Lizza wrote a column asking if the Donald had a second act.  I think that’s a very good question.  He’s been on this shtick for three months, and it’s starting to get old.  Even if he can keep it up for another six months, he’s got to come up with some fresh material, a second act.  I saw something in the Donald’s eyes in the debate.  It was right after he told Fiorina that she had a beautiful face.  The audience reaction was very negative to him, and the Donald responded by looking like a little boy who had been reprimanded by his Mommy.  He was visibly upset.  This man has a tender ego.

Think about it.  If you were closely following a Presidential race, when, in your lifetime, could it have been more fun than now?  It’s got the makings of a great reality show.

Maybe that’s how we should start thinking about it.

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