The Kindly Doctor and the Old Pro

Dr. Ben Carson is a man of deep Christian faith, moral courage, honor, and intellectual honesty.  He has no business running for President.

NBC’s Chuck Todd is a George Stephanophopolos wannabe.   Four years ago Stephie got into the spotlight by insisting on asking Republicans extraneous questions about abortion.  Chuck decided to try his luck with a gotcha on a Mohammedan President.  The Old Pro, Kasich, brushed it off.  Kindly Dr. Carson gave an honest and thoughtful answer, which the vast majority of Americans would agree with.  So he’s “in trouble.”

With who, Chuck Todd?  Give me a break.  The Goddamn media are going to drive me crazy.  I’ve got to stop watching cable news.  The only thing I watch is Special Report on Fox, which I record and watch about half of.  But there they are, Brett, Brit, Juan, some lady and the Hammer.  Going on about how much trouble Carson is in.  What a bunch of bullshit.  And they show Parson Cruz getting all snotty about religious tests in the Constitution.  I swear to God, it’s the look on his face, and the tone in his voice.  There is something deeply irritating about this man.  He’s the kind of guy Robin Williams used to make fun of.  When I saw his scorpion ad I thought it was a parody, a joke.  But he was serious.  He wants us to think he’s got balls because he can get a Goddamn scorpion, a bug, to back down?  Onion, where are you?

You been to the zoo lately, the monkey cage?  You remember how those monkeys sound, when they get all riled up?  Ca-CA! CaCAHCAH!  That’s exactly what Hillary sounded like on a tape they showed.  She’s laughing off some question, but she’s not laughing.  That’s not a laugh.  That’s a monkey shriek.

As predicted, or, rather, guessed at, on this blog a few weeks ago, Jill Biden has given a thumbs up.  He’s lucky to have her.

Fox’s First Daily Politics reports that Bush 3, in bolstering his foreign policy cred, said, “I know how to do this, because, yes, I am a Bush.”  Finally, he admits it.  He thought he could get away with not admitting it, but it was just too obvious.

Why did Walker’s money dry up so quickly?  Because he had no path forward.  He had given it his best shot.  That’s all he had.  And it obviously wasn’t going to be enough.  What is impressive is the speed of his demise.  Could a Domino effect kick in?  Nobody knows anything.

My granddaughter’s stepfather is a world class civil engineer, and he’s told me a lot about how the world works in his business.  He and his competitors bid on contracts, huge ones.  It’s an interesting business.  Because what they’re doing is selling their bid.  It reminds me of politics.  Politicians are like bidders, trying to win votes, not contracts.  They’re selling themselves.  And I’m thinking, If I’m selecting a bid on a complicated multi-billion dollar project, do I want the guy in charge to have any experience at this kind of thing?

You could do an ad.

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