Fruth rides again

If we ever get this done, nobody will deserve more credit than Bill Fruth.  He’s back from Wyoming, having put 800 miles on his rental.  The big news is that Nicholas won’t stop us.  It will take a lot of work, and good fortune, to pull it off.  But at least it can be done.

Lew Uhler’s 40th Anniversary of the National Tax Limitation Committee is on for D.C. on 10-20.  There are a lot of guys that Lew has known for 40 years in Washington.  All these guys go way back.  Think of what you were doing in politics, or anything else, 40 years ago.  It would be fun to see all those guys again.  He’s got the House and Senate Chairmen of Budget, Finance, and Judiciary coming, and maybe some others.  The one guy I’d like to talk to is Enzi of Wyoming.  For obvious reasons.  I’m hoping to go.

The Assembly of State Legislators (ASL) is meeting in Salt Lake on Nov. 11 to adopt proposed rules for an Article V Convention. We hear they want a rule requiring a 2/3 vote to send an amendment out for ratification.  This is crazy.  Under current conditions the R’s have 31.  To propose an amendment they’d need to pick up three states that are partially controlled by Democrats.  The result is a watered down nothingburger that is a waste of everybody’s time.  This needs to be stopped.  If this were adopted, it would be used against us in our target states.  We’re asking all of our friends in leadership to send a representative to Salt Lake to vote “no”.

Boehner took one for the team and I admire him for it.  Congress is not going to do anything until Obama leaves office, except limp along.  Everybody hates them now , and that’s not going to change.  The really bad stuff that has to be done will get done before he leaves.  His successor will be a caretaker.  The political calculation is that, under current political conditions, they’re going to win.  So they don’t want these conditions to change.  No need to go on offense.  No drama.  The presidential campaign will decide everything, and things couldn’t possibly look any better for the Republican.  The Democratic field is a joke, and Kasich, Rubio, and even Cruz would win handily.

Cruz is making a miscalculation.  Leading the charge for a shutdown is a political blunder.  It’s going to backfire on him, Mitch McConnell will see to that.

Did you ever know a guy you did crazy things with, things you wouldn’t normally do?  Just to see who the bad ass was?  Queien es mas macho?  I think that’s the deal between Mark Levin and Cruz.  Cruz thinks of himself as pretty bad ass, and Levin claims to be even more bad ass.  And it’s like a challenge to him.  What I’m trying to say is that Levin is a political idiot.  He doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. He’s a lawyer.  That’s all he is.  A lawyer who thinks he knows everything.  If you’re dumb enough to let Mark Levin whisper in your ear you’re not going to make it.

You see, these guys think because they’re real smart lawyers, they should be real smart politicians.  But it doesn’t work that way.  They are separate and distinct skills.  I’m trying to think of a real smart lawyer who became President.  Taft, maybe.  You’d think there’d be more if the skills correlated.

My macho buddy was my best friend in Alaska, Wayne Cates.  RIP

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