All the way with JRK?

Mark Levin’s a smart guy. Like many others, he sees Article V as the only solution to our current political dilemma. So he wrote a book, “The Liberty Amendments”, describing the process and outlining ten excellent amendments. So far, so good. He inspired and has promoted the Convention of States as the political organization to implement his ideas. Rather than propose a series of Article V Amendments, he wanted all or most of his ideas to be considered at a single Convention, which would propose a BBA, term limits, and other separate reforms, as many as could be agreed on.
But Mark is not as smart as he thinks he is. He doesn’t understand politics, except what he reads in books. He doesn’t realize that every time you add a subject matter to a piece of legislation you double your opposition. Term limits and the BBA both poll at 80% approval. But some people support a BBA, and not term limits, and vice versa. Wyoming Speaker Kermit Brown is all in on a BBA. We passed the Wyoming House 44-16 with his help. But he’s adamantly opposed to term limits. No way, Jose. So the Convention of States never got out of committee. The same sort of thing has happened all across the country. It’s why we’ve got 27 and they’ve got three. It’s why we can get to 34 and they can’t. It’s why Mark Levin does not, in fact, know his ass from a hole in the ground.
If Kasich makes a gaffe on the trail it won’t be because of that chip on his shoulder. Quite the contrary. It is the better angels of his nature which pose a threat. He risks looking like a Bush. This could be deadly.
Bush 1 was kinder and gentler, Bush 2 was compassionate, and Bush 3 is kind, gentle, and compassionate all rolled into one. Politicians speak in code. The Bush code is softness, gentility, and moderation. It’s why Jeb! won’t win the nomination. If Kasich starts sounding like a Bush, he’ll go nowhere. He’s not the tin man. He doesn’t have to show us his heart. Everybody’s got a heart, pretty much. Republicans aren’t looking for an Oprah. We want Marshall Dillon. The trouble with talk melding Christian values, good works, and government is that it can sound like conservatism that cares — the politically deadly formulation of Bushism.

I’m working on an article for AT.  I’m arguing that Congress is irredeemable and the federal government beyond repair  — without Article V.  Elect Kasich, or Trump or Cruz  — none of them will be able to bring the beast to its knees  — without Article V.

What I don’t understand about Kasich is his real attitude toward Article V.  I wish I’d gotten a chance to talk to him in Phoenix last year.  I don’t care much for what I have heard.  He talks of using Article V as a prod to Congress, which would produce the actual proposed amendment.  He seems to think a Convention is a necessary backstop, but something which should be avoided, rather than sought.

But that read might be bullshit, just stuff he says to calm people who might be jittery about a runaway.  But I do think he’s not really up to speed on Article V.  I hope I’m wrong, but I have seen no sign that he has really thought it through.  The funny thing is, not that many people have thought it all the way through.  Smart people, like Sen. Nicholas, and Sen. Davis.  Kasich’s a busy guy.  He can’t be expected to know everything.  I saw him give one of his very first pitches in Phoenix last year, and then another one in Cheyenne.  It was all BBA, no Article V.

My hope is that this is all part of the three step.  He hasn’t finished step one  — the establishment guy.  When he goes to step two, (which happens when Bush 3 folds) he’s the Reagan man.  It would be as Reagan man he would talk about the role Article V can play in restoring federalism to our system of government.  Reagan man could also talk about getting federal land back to the states.  That would help in Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming, but Bush 3 will probably be still kicking, so it might be too late, politically, for those caucuses.

A lot seems to be happening.  I screen out any thing to do with the three media candidates, so it makes it easier.  So much of what you read right now is just idle bullshit.  But fish gotta swim, and writers gotta write, but it’s tiresome.

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