Boehner’s not the problem

This is the article they’ve refused to put up at the American Thinker.  J. R. Dunn is opposed to Article V, and doesn’t appear willing to reconsider.  A shame.  We’ll look for other ways to spread the word.


Boehner’s not the problem. It’s Thad Cochran and Don “bridge to nowhere” Young and hundreds of others in Congress; it’s Congress as an institution, not the Republican Party.
Trump won’t be able to fix Congress. Neither will Kasich or Cruz or Rubio. No President can change Congress, and it will not change itself. Reformers — real conservatives — are 190 votes shy of a majority in the House. Ted Cruz needs about 45 more votes to accomplish anything in the Senate. It’s not going to happen.
The Supreme Court has told the country, in upholding Obama care, that it will not prevent even the most flagrant violation of the Constitution. It will not control or reform Congress.
The McConnell Doctrine — which holds that Congress forfeits the power of the purse when the President’s a Democrat — is just one example of the fecklessness of Congress. Not necessarily  of Mitch McConnell, he’s just acknowledging reality. He knows his colleagues. He can count. Even if he wanted to fight, the Thad Cochrans of the Senate would never play along, and there are a lot of them. They are wholly owned agents of the money interests that put them in office. Large, even overwhelming, majorities of Congress answer first and foremost to their contributors, not their constituents. Elect new blood and nothing changes. Only a small minority will stay true.  It is possible to imagine a successful strategy that included a shut down.  But it would only work if there was a unified and determined Republican caucus.  Which we don’t have in either the House or the Senate. Electing new leaders won’t change that.
Aside from chronic overspending and debt, the administrative state is the ultimate demonstration of Congressional uselessness. Rather than legislate, and make the hard choices and do the work, Congress delegates its power and duty to write the law. The EPA is but one arm of the regulatory octopus created and empowered by Congress. These agencies are a law unto themselves. They not only perform legislative functions, but executive and judicial as well, enforcing their “laws” like a parallel government. The entire administrative state is an affront to the Constitution, as ably demonstrated by Philip Hamburger in his book “Is Administrative Law Unlawful?”
The solution to a corrupt and dysfunctional Congress is not a Presidential or a Congressional election. No one, not Donald Trump, Abraham Lincoln or LBJ, is capable of changing Congress. The entire federal government is a captive of entrenched interests.  The greatest threat to our liberties is the federal government.  If George Washington were around we could elect him President, and even he would be unable to bring the federal government under control.  At this point it’s irredeemable. An outside intervention is needed.
The Framers did everything in their power to prevent this from happening. But their Constitution has been so perverted and ignored that it’s almost a dead letter.
Except for Article V, designed for precisely the circumstances we face today. The States can control Congress, the Courts, and the President, if they want to. If 34 of them can agree on the topic of a Constitutional Amendment, they would meet at an Amendment Convention to draft a proposal, and, if 38 ratify, change the Constitution and put this country back on track. This is the last best hope.  There’s no other answer.
We’re not far away. We have 27, and the eight legislatures we need are all under Republican control. The topic chosen is a Balanced Budget Amendment, supported by 80% of voters, including 65% of Democrats. If we don’t control federal spending we’ll go bankrupt. Congress doesn’t care enough to curb it appetites. The country can go off a cliff, as long as the donors are happy.  And if the Amendment Convention decides to include revenue enhancements as part of a BBA, constitutional regulatory reform would do more for the economy than a balanced budget.
If a Convention is called, and a BBA proposed and ratified, it would do more than just save the country from financial ruin. It would demonstrate that Article V works. The States, and the people, acting in concert, can restore the Constitution and preserve our form of government.
Boehner will be gone soon. It won’t make any difference. He’s not the problem. Congress is the problem.
And Article V is the answer.

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