The red tide

J. R. Dunn is the guy who edits my pieces at AT.  He rejected the first one almost two years ago because he thought Congress was in control of the Article V Amendment process.  A couple months ago I started submitting articles on other subjects, and he put all of them up. A couple days ago I put one in which talked a lot about Article V, and he’s not running it because he still thinks Congress is in charge of Article V.  Rob Natelson tells me that he’s had articles rejected as well.  I emailed Dunn with my arguments against his position, and we’ll see what happens.  He may not let anything I write about Article V on their website, which is too bad.  They get almost a million hits a month, so it’s a good way to get the word out into the conservative blogosphere.  I guess I’l have to try to get on some other web site.

I saw a clip of Kasich on Special Report, and it fortified my judgement of him, especially when contrasted with Bush 3.  I’m talking body language, comportment, style.  Bush 3 is defensive.  It’s almost like he’s pleading for understanding and respect.  It’s not the demeanor of a strong man.  In contrast, Kasich was very aggressive today, almost mocking his senatorial rivals for their lack of accomplishment.  He had his chin up and his chest out.  I liked it.  He just looked like he was pissed off at all these blowhards who’ve never done anything in politics except make speeches.  He was totally under control, and his anger was genuine.  And it was justified.

I know I’m reading too much into this, but it’s almost like Kasich is starting the transition from step one  — take out Bush 3  — to step two  — taking out Rubio and Kasich.   Maybe he figures Bush 3 doesn’t need taking out, he’s taking himself out.  In any event, his targets today were clearly the Young Guns, not the media candidates.  About which, all I’ll say is this.  A lot of pundits are going to look real stupid for ever having taken any of them seriously.

Rubio’s the hot ticket of the week.  He’s a natural, and there aren’t too many of them.  But he’s 44, with no executive experience.  The Presidency is always the biggest job in the world. But the challenge for the next President will be especially daunting.  I admire and respect the people who want it.  But it’s no job for a rookie.  This is why the big dogs don’t want to go with Rubio.  They’re not sure he’d be up to the job.

On the Article V side, I’ve had it with all this bipartisan talk.  It’s ridiculous.  If some good Democrats want to help out, great.  But the Democratic Party, and Democrat elected officials, like state legislators, are our opponents.  They will fight us tooth and nail. The stakes are high, and they know it.  We can win without one Democratic vote, and that’s how we’ll have to win.  Dave Guldenschuh was saying that the South Carolina Lieutenant Governor got real interested when they started talking about the political impact this whole BBA project could have on the 2016 race.  He’s a smart guy.  I wish there were a lot more like him.  Because it could have a major impact.  If we wind up one or two short, we’re for real. And if we’re recognized as such, we’re an issue in the fall campaign.  Kasich or Rubio could campaign on their support for the Article V BBA, and ask that Republicans be elected across the country to achieve it.  What’s the Democrat to do?  Oppose the BBA, I guess, even though 80% of the country wants it.

This all might actually happen.  Bill Fruth and the rest of us are going to do our best.  I think we pull it off.

And the tide  —  rolls  —  on.

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