The Revenge of the Old White Guys

Former Speaker Bill McIlvain is 83, and our man in Wyoming.  We like them experienced.  To hell with all these whippersnappers.  He’s working closely with our man in the field, young Fruth, who hasn’t even hit 70 yet.  They’re having a dinner for all 100 of the legislators on Feb. 6th at the swankiest place in Cheyenne  — Little America, out by the freeway.  Bill and I had lunch there earlier this year, and I can vouch for it.  It’s all top of the line stuff, and may end up costing a cool seven grand.  The Heartland Institute and NFIB are kicking in, and we’re looking for other co-sponsors, like ALEC or the Peterson Foundation.  Fruth has been on the ground, and understands the state of play.  He says this dinner could seal the deal.  It will be the social event of the session.  Seriously.  They don’t do a lot of this stuff in Cheyenne, particularly in an even year, when they’re actually in session for only 20 days.  Bill and his wife will be on top of things from day one, and he knows as much about getting a bill through the Wyoming legislature as anyone.

Right now, if I had to call it today, I’d say Wyoming will be our 32nd.  And at that point I don’t think we can be ignored any longer.  At that point the Republican nominee puts us over the top.  So I’m feeling good.

God, I like Netanyahu.  I saw a clip of his speech at the U.N., where he just glared at these gutless bastards, in silence, for 45 seconds.  It takes a certain kind of guy to pull that off.  I like this guy.

I try to pay attention to the other side, keep an eye on them, how they think they’re going to win.  It’s all mechanics, and statistics, and social media, and turnout models, and demographics, money, and race.  That’s all they’ve got.  They don’t have any issues.  And they don’t have any candidates.  They’ve got nothing to brag about, and a lot to defend.  They’ve got nothing.  And no prospect of getting anything.  The trifles they do have on offer will be flotsam in the tide.

I have to say this.  How can we lose this one?  How can we possibly screw this up?  It’s set up to fall in our hands, as long as we don’t blow it.  Political ineptitude has cost us before, as in 1948.  But I don’t see that happening.

A terrorist attack could happen here.  We are so fortunate that so few attacks have taken place since 9-11.  The media would try to blame the Republicans.  But I don’t see how that sticks.  It’s not a partisan issue when Americans are killed.  I don’t think it helps the Democrats.

In 1979 I got a call from Ralph Winterood, the western states (excluding California) director of Reagan for President.  So I went and met him in his room at the Cook.  We talked for a while, and then he asked me if I wanted to be the Chairman of the campaign for Alaska.  I thought about it for half a second and said yes.

I really liked this guy.  I don’t think he was on salary.  He was from Montana, and an easy guy to know.  At the time I was 33 and he was about 70.  I remember thinking, that’s kind of cool, how this old guy is out doing politics.

It’s nice to carry on traditions.

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