The Prognosis

I’ve made peace with JR Dunn, my editor at American Thinker.  I’m working on a campaign, a campaign for an Article V BBA.  AT is not a campaign platform.  It’s a website for a variety of conservative opinion.  So I took out all the Article V stuff, which I reproduce below, in quotes, and resubmitted my piece from a couple days ago, which I’m pretty sure he’ll use.

“On a website supposedly devoted to the promotion of Article V, I talk a lot about the Presidential race.  That’s because I’m not convinced we’ll get to 34 this year.  If Maryland rescinds, which we expect, we’d need Virginia, which is going to be a very tough nut to crack.  So I expect we have to wait until after the 2016 elections.  As Thomas Edsall points out in the NYT, straight ticket voting is on the rise.  And no Party has won the White House while it lost a majority in the Senate since 1860.  We need a Republican Senate, and a Republican President will virtually guarantee it.

We also need more targets.  We want  the Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota and Washington legislatures under complete Republican control.  Recently a party’s performance in a Presidential contest closely tracks its success in state legislative races.  This is new.  If I’ve got this election figured out correctly, Kasich or Rubio will win in a landslide and we get at least a couple new targets, giving us everything we need to get to 34 in 2017.

The pendulum swings, the tide surges, and we get our turn in the saddle.  It won’t last forever.  You shouldn’t plan on more than eight years.  What matters is what you do with the opportunity.  Make changes that are permanent and fundamental.  Like a supply side BBA, for openers, with other Article V reforms to follow.   Harding and the Republicans turned this country around after the 1920 landslide, but it was a temporary victory, entirely washed away by the New Deal.  We want our win in 2016 to be a watershed.

That’s what Article V is all about.”

I started writing articles to promote Article V, and the only place I can get them out on the internet doesn’t want to hear about Article V.  It’ll take me a while to figure this out.  For now, I’ve concluded that, for the purposes of Article V, Kasich is our best candidate, followed by Rubio, and, further back, Cruz.  The people at AT are hard core.  Kasich is too soft for them.  A lot of the commenters turn purple when they start talking about him.  He’s a RINO, a sellout, a typical corrupt Republican bought and paid for politician.  These guys bitch at the editors  at AT for even allowing me a place on the website.  They get all fired up, and swear holy oaths that they’ll never vote for a RINO again.

I want all these votes.  When the time comes I want them to calm down and look at the alternatives.  I’m trying to introduce them to the Kasich I’ve been watching from afar for 30 years.  The one that balanced the budget.  I want them to realize that he’s 80% of what they want, or maybe only 60%, but with the Democrat they get nothing.  They get ruin.  Some of these guys will hang tough and not vote, or waste it on an oddball candidate.  We just want to keep that to a minimum.

So I’ll continue to submit articles to AT.  And I’ll try to include references to Article V and the BBA.  I make a lot of predictions in these articles.  It drives some of the Trump people crazy.  It will be interesting when they start to come true.

Knowing these guys, it’ll probably just piss them off.

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