Now what?

Don Juan of Florida is to be congratulated for having predicted the Soviet incursion into Syria.  He did it in front of 23  million people at the second debate.  Impressive.  But I don’t recall him telling us what to do next.

If I’m right, and it boils down to Kasich, Rubio and Cruz, there could be a Republican divide on foreign policy.  The Young Guns are hard core, and want to kick ass.  They seem like they’re itching to take on the Iranians, ISIS and Assad, and are upset with the Russians for butting in.  If you want to be cynical you could say they’re competing in the Adelson primary.  I’m fairly confident Kasich will take a less bellicose line, but we’ll have to see.

I think they’re wrong on the substance and wrong on the politics.  The Donald may be a bit of a buffoon, but he’s seen a quarter century of life that the youngsters haven’t.   As have I, and has Kasich, for that matter.  Don Juan and the Parson were teenagers when the Cold War ended.  Not having lived through this period of history, they don’t fully appreciate it.  Russia remains a great power, and a nuclear one.  When Putin insists that we do not live in a unipolar world he’s telling us the truth.  So I did a piece on this subject for American Thinker which I’ll probably submit tomorrow.  Maybe a day later, since editor JR Dunn tells me my previously submitted and modified article should be out tomorrow.

Samuel Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations is a wonderful book, but it is not a book about geopolitics.  In that world, Islam is not important, because no Islamic country is a great power, and none will be.  If you think globally, you think of the balance of power between the most important countries in the world: the U.S., Russia, China, Germany and Japan, with Germany a proxy for western Europe.  Even if Iran goes nuclear it will not be a great power.  Exhibits A and B: India and Pakistan.

Since no power on earth is presently a threat to our national security, we have no reason to go to war with any of the other four great powers. It would be madness.  None of the great powers seeks global hegemony.  Everyone understands we live in the 21st Century. We will fight to maintain the freedom of the sea, and the air, and space.  We are Americans, and we will not tolerate being cooped up in the Western Hemisphere.

But we will not fight for commerce.  The only reason we would join the Germans against the Russians, or the Japanese against the Chinese, is commercial.  We will not see American kids get killed to protect a country that refuses to protect itself.

As Americans, we’re spoiled.  We can drive from sea to shining sea, and see nothing but fellow Americans along the way.  Canadians are just Americans Lite, and we’ve gotten along with Mexico ever since we grabbed half their country.  We’ve never had anything to worry about.  Russia, and the other powers have had a different historical experience. We need to understand and respect their point of view.

So foreign policy may be a bit of a wild card in the nomination fight.  But it’s very difficult for me to see how it helps the Democrats.  Unless the Republican is so hawkish that it unnerves a public very reluctant for war.  I guess that could happen.  That would really be dumb.

Babbie put a gun to my head and we saw The Intern with Robert DeNiro, a geezer chick flick.  Its a gender role reversal movie, where this wonder woman, an internet retail innovator, has this weakling for a husband who stays home and acts as mommy to their three year old daughter.  I think it’s got to be a parody.  They can’t be serious.  And then she makes a move on him in bed, and he turns away and says he’s had a rough day, and I laugh out loud.  This is hilarious.  But nobody else is laughing.  I’m wrong.  It’s not a parody.  They’re sympathizing with this sorry son of a bitch.  The whole movie was an advertisement for role reversal.  Stay at home dads are special, just like moms are.

They want us to think this is the new normal.  We’re not that dumb.

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