Don’t bother sending me a Bible, Governor

I’ve already got one, and I even know about the Old and New Testaments.   And I really don’t need any pointers from you about what’s in them.  Who the hell do you think you are to instruct me on Christianity?

I’ve got some advice for you.  Stop insulting people whose votes you want.  Unless you really don’t want them, in which case you’re in the wrong business.

If you missed the story, here’s the link  —  Kasich’s taking heat.  He’s been getting a lot of questions about Medicaid expansion, and he’s getting tired of it.  If I’m Bush 3, I’ll make damn sure he keeps on getting them.  Because this kind of response, questioning the religious sincerity of those who disagree with him, is politically deadly.

This is the kind of thing conservatives are used to hearing from liberals.  We’re mean and uncaring.  But to hear this attitude from a man who wants to lead our Party is something else again.  This preening, this moral superiority, of a politician seeking votes is idiotic.

The next thing you know he’ll start talking about conservatism that cares, or some Goddamn thing.

He’s said this kind of thing before, but I thought he’d realized his mistake.  At the first debate the issue came up, and he handled it fine.  But now, a relapse.  One that will haunt him.  I’m already imagining the cartoons and TV ads that can come out of this.

A lot of people have said that Kasich’s mouth would be his undoing.  They may have been right.

Maybe this was just a mistake, he was tired and pissed off.  Maybe he’ll realize he screwed up.  Or maybe he and his guru, John Weaver, think the whole Bible thing is real clever.  Weaver actively despises the right wing of the Republican Party, calling us a bunch of cranks, whose intolerance cost Romney the election.  The crack about the Bible sounds like something Weaver would come up with.

Maybe Weaver won’t last.  He has a history of not making it through an entire campaign.   Maybe somebody else could come in and clean up the damage.  Until that’s done Kasich is going nowhere but down.

Which leaves me with Don Juan and the Parson.  A couple of Cubans.  Only in America can a Cubano get elected to anything.

It’s like when I was in law school, and me and Tom Pitaro would go down to the Los Angeles Sports Arena for the Friday night fights.   Everything was about 90% Mexican.  One time we saw two of our favorite fighters in a big showdown fight.  They were “Little Red” Lopez and “Schoolboy” Bobby Chacon.  They called him schoolboy because he went to a junior college for a semester.  I liked Chacon mainly because of his nickname.  It was a great fight.  These guys were warriors.

Cruz is Lopez, Rubio is Chacon.   Either one can win.  It will be a fair fight.  May the best man win.

He’ll be the next President.






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