Hope for a change

Retired Admiral Bill Owens was Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs, and is heavily involved in the world of big business, as an executive and board member of Fortune 500 companies.  This is a man with connections.  John Knubel of the BBA Task Force was acquainted with him, and has succeeded in convincing him of the dire necessity of our Article V movement.  Owens has reached out to some of the most prominent business leaders of the country, and has already elicited enough interest to get everyone on the Task Force hopeful.  If even one of these guys would take it upon himself to provide us funding, we could probably get this thing done this year.  Admiral Owens is a serious man, who “gets it.”  We’ve had our hopes up before.   There’s an excellent chance former Michigan Governor John Engler may be able to garner some help as well.   We will see.

I submitted a piece to AT describing my current view of the nomination contest, to wit:  it’s going to be one of the Cubans.  I’ll print or link to it tomorrow.  It’s humble pie time for Captain Fritz.  I’ve been touting Kasich at AT for a couple months, and taken a lot of abuse for it.  Now all these guys get to say I told you so.

The thing is, I misread Kasich.  I thought he was smarter than he really is.  It’s not personal, at all.  I never really cared for him, personally.  The one time I had any personal interaction with him was in Phoenix last December.  He led a meeting of Arizona state legislators in a discussion of the Article V BBA campaign.  I was seated ten feet from him, and made a few remarks which seemed to be well received.  Later, after his press conference, I tried to introduce myself and explain that our paths might be crossing in our western target states.  He totally blew me off, acting like I was some kind of nuisance.

I shook it off.  He misjudged me, but that’s not that big a deal.  But now I’m beginning to think that’s just who he is, an arrogant and insecure man. This whole business of shaming your opponents as un-Christian is a sign of weakness, of desperation.  He doesn’t have a satisfactory answer on the Medicaid expansion, so he just gets pissed off.  Maybe there’s something wrong with this guy.  It’s too bad.  He’s got the tools to do a good job.  He won’t win the nomination, and he’ll be bitter.  But if he’s a patriot he’ll shake it off and go to D.C. and pitch in, at least for a year.  There’s a ton of work that will need to be done, and the President is going to want his help.  I hope he’s a big enough man to give it.  It would be the Christian thing to do.

The thing is, when it comes to politics, Americans consult the Constitution, not the Bible.

What we need to do is make sure Rubio understands Article V, and our BBA campaign.  If he becomes the nominee, we’re going to rely on him to get us over the top.  He’s signaled support for what we’re doing.  Duh.  But he either doesn’t appreciate the significance of Article V, or he thinks it’s Kasich’s issue, and he doesn’t want to be a Johnny come lately.  I’m confident we’ll have no problem with Rubio.  He’s plenty bright, and you have to be a numbskull not to see the attractions of Article V.

Sometimes I think of the Task Force as a bunch of religious fanatics, believers in the True Faith of Article V.  As proselytizers, we’re a bust.  But our faith is undiminished.  The day when the ignorant masses see the light will soon be upon us.

One of my favorite songs when I was in high school was a black gospel tune called “On my way”.  I haven’t heard it in 40 years, but I can play it in my mind.

I’m on my way, glory, Hallellujah, I’m on my way.

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