The Church Lady beats me to the punch

I like writing something in this blog, and then seeing it repeated by some big foot.  I don’t like repeating what I’ve read elsewhere.  George Will has a piece in the WaPo today which is a preview of what I’ve got coming up in tomorrow’s AT.   For some reason my editor, JR Dunn, decided to put it up on Sunday, not today.  The Church Lady says it could very easily get down to the two Cubans in the finals.  And, as I did mention yesterday, he says the key to Republican victory isn’t Hispanics, it’s working class whites.  It’s the gal who works down at the 7-11, or the guy who changes your tires.

He says Cruz is the one who’ll appeal to them, and he could be right.  These people are royally pissed off, and so is Ted Cruz.  Of course, they have every right to  be pissed off.  They’re getting screwed, and they know it.

Affirmative action could be the key to these votes.  It is perfectly understood, and roundly despised, by working class whites.  They are the ones who are being discriminated against.  So far in this campaign it hasn’t come up, as far as I know.  It’s incendiary to talk about “equal rights for white people.”  The media brand any such talk as racist, and will come down hard on any candidate who appeals to the self interest of whites.  It’s O.K. for everyone else.  But in this country, to decry discrimination against white people is to begin the march to the death camps.

Only a guy with balls will do it.  As official “Hispanics”, Cruz and Rubio have an advantage.  You see, they’re not white.  They may look and act white, but they’re not.  They’re Hispanic, and as such are eligible for affirmative action themselves.  I’m certain Cruz never benefited from affirmative action.  With his IQ, he didn’t need any leg up.  And the same for Rubio.  He may not have the sky high IQ that Cruz has, but he’s plenty smart, graduating cum laude from the University of Miami Law School.

Either one of them can pull this off.  Tell people that, as Hispanics, they may have been eligible for affirmative action, but they and their families never considered it.  And they will never think of using it on behalf of their own children.  Because it’s wrong.  Everything about it is wrong.  It’s an affront to more than just the Constitution.  It’s contrary to a truth which predated the Constitution, though it’s embedded in it.

We are all equal before the law.

I know, that’s racist. It would take tremendous courage to say something so outrageous.  So it will probably never happen.

Scraped my Kasich sticker off the truck, and ordered one from Rubio.  He’s frugal, he doesn’t give them away.  His fundraising is weak, but that’s O. K.  He’ll have enough to compete in Iowa and New Hampshire, and before too long the “Establishment”  will see the logic of his candidacy and start funding him.  In the mean time he can run an economy campaign.  He won’t have to live off the land, as McCain did in ’08, and he himself did when he started his Senate campaign.

If it does get down to the Cubans I’m putting my money on Marco.  He may not be as smart as Cruz, but he’s got instincts and skills.  And he’s a cool guy.  You’d enjoy having a couple beers with him.  Out of high school he got a college football scholarship.  This is while Cruz was a debate champ.

Who do you think gets the votes, a handsome dog of a football player, or the smarty pants debater?

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