Fisher v. University of Texas

It’s the big affirmative action case to be argued on December 9th, and decided next spring.  It’s perfect launching pad from which a Presidential candidate can attack racial discrimination against whites and Asians.  All you need to do is say that the first question you would ask of any potential Supreme Court nominee is this:  Do all Americans stand as equals before the law, or do some get special treatment?

This is a legitimate issue.  Every candidate should address it.  And if they want to win they should campaign on it.

Thanks to JR Dunn and the editors at American Thinker for putting my Cubano piece up as a featured article, rather than a blog post.  The commenters crowd at AT are mainly Trump people, and they get totally pissed off when anyone disrespects the Donald.  Some of them operate at grammar school level, making fun of my name.  But they’ve actually got a fairly diverse readership, conservatives of different stripes.  Here’s the link.

Mark Levin says the R’s need to grow a set and impeach Obama.  He’s right, of course.  When the courts won’t stop a President from exceeding his constitutional authority, the only remedy is impeachment.  For the last 50 years I’ve wondered why Congress was so timid with its power to impeach.  I wanted to impeach Earl Warren.  Clinton was impeached for lying, it’s true, but lies are expected of politicians.  Having one bunch of politicians call another politician a liar doesn’t really resonate.

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