The timing of the D debate tonight is a tell.  It’s up against a baseball playoff game, by design.  They really don’t want an audience, unlike the Republicans, who avoided such a conflict.  The rest of the D Debates will be on weekends, in a further effort to minimize viewership.  That’s a tell.

The Democratic field of candidates is a tell  —  weak and thin.  The Republican field is also a tell  —  strong and deep.

I see a lot of tells, and they all tell the same.  The stars are coming into alignment for a blowout next year.

Which brings us to Don Juan of Florida.  Is he really up to this?  I’ve looked at him hard, and I can’t see anything wrong with this guy. He’s got the temperament and the skills.  He’s strong, with a great family.  I just hate putting all my bets on one horse.  They can trip.  We’ll just to have to watch him run.

Lew Uhler’s 40th anniversary of the NTLC is on Tuesday, the 20th at the Capitol Hill Club, a swanky Republican retreat within short walking distance of the Capitol.  This is the first day of business as Congress returns from a recess.  One of Lew’s attendees was supposed to be Rep. Price of Georgia, who was at one time in the running for the new Majority Leader.  This whole House leadership thing will not be resolved, so it should be an interesting evening.  I’ll be asking a question of whoever I get a chance to talk to.  Why shouldn’t a Republican Presidential candidate want to use Article V and the BBA as an issue in their campaign?  I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to ask that, but I hope I do.

The Speakership business is a distraction.  It’s a lousy job, but somebody will take it, and we move on.  Congress is in gridlock with Obama, and nothing will get done.  Everything in Washington, from now until the election, is about the election.  Obama and the Democrats, and all the Republicans, are focused on the same goal.

This is why the IRS scandal was so disturbing.  The Democrats are the party of and by the government, and I don’t think we’re being paranoid if we think, Why couldn’t something like that happen again?  The federal government is very powerful, and if the election were close it would be worrisome.  But I don’t think it’s close.

It shouldn’t be close for a reason, which is that if the Democrats are kept in charge of the White House, this country is in serious trouble.  We need big change, and we need a big change election.

Put yourself in Rubio’s, or Cruz’s shoes.  They know what they’re getting into.  It can be a monster of a job, if you let it.  I admire both of these guys for stepping up.  They’ve both got balls, and they’ve both got brains.

But only one is Don Juan.

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