Let’s hang on, to what we’ve got

It can be theme song as Hillary makes her triumphant entry into the National Convention.  It’s lyrics are the essence of her appeal, and that of her party.  Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons continue the Ballad of the Democrats:

“Don’t let go, girl, we’ve got a lot

Got a lot of love between us

Hang on, hang on, hang on,

To what we’ve got

Doo-wop, doo-wop, doo-wop”

Since I think the next election is a rout, I try to see what the dark side says.  Maybe I’m missing something.  The slimy munchkin, David Brock, is one of the leading intellects in Clintonland, so I want to hear what he’s thinking.  Come November of next year he says the Democratic voters are going to get really excited to turn out and vote to protect Obama’s legacy and the Supreme Court.  No, seriously, that’s his game plan.  And you wonder why I’m feeling good?  That’s what made me think of the song.

People say last night’s debate may keep Crazy Joe out of the race.  Not.  He was only going to get in if the Queen of the Hive and Valerie Jarret signal to him that they will continue to let out damaging information on her.  Last night doesn’t change anything.  He was never going to take her out on his own.  He needs help, and if he thinks it will be forthcoming he can go for it.  If he wants to, which I believe he does.

I was hoping someone would ask Bernie about his support for Article V.  He’s a big Wolf-pac guy, so he’s a big Article V guy.  It would be nice to see Bernie explaining and endorsing it.  He knows a corrupt Congress will never pass meaningful campaign finance reform, and the only way around it is Article V.  Maybe next time.

I didn’t see the debate, but it sounds like there were five people on stage with no balls, and only one was born that way.

Part of the Weaver/Huntsman/Kasich strategy in New Hampshire is to attract Democrat crossover votes in the primary.  That’s a big part of how McCain won there in 2000. and they’re using that campaign as a template.  But with Sanders, Hillary and possibly Biden on the D side, there might not be a lot of potential there this year.

After they win the nomination, Cruz or Rubio should give a speech on affirmative action at the University of Michigan.  It would win the election.

There’s a very popular website called Conservative Treehouse.  It’s devoted to the theory that all the Republican candidates, except Trump, are in a conspiracy to elect Bush 3.  He’s very serious, and does a lot of analysis.  Some of it is actually pretty good.  But he’s obviously never been really involved in a political campaign.  Like a lot of people on the internet, he doesn’t understand what it’s like to campaign for public office.  He’s never done it, and he doesn’t know anyone who has, at least in a serious way.  He seems like a well meaning guy, but he has absolutely no idea of what he’s talking about.  Like a lot of people.

Chapman University poll finding:  We’re more afraid of corrupt government officials (58%) than we are of terrorism (44%).  This is why we win in a landslide.  Stu Rothenberg, normally a pretty bright guy, doesn’t get it.  He thinks Cruz would get killed in the general.  But when the Democratic candidate is a proxy for the government, and the government is disliked as much as it is today, the candidate doesn’t matter as much.  It’s an issue election, like 1920.  Harding didn’t win by 26 points because he was such a great politician.  He wasn’t any better than Cruz.  The issue in 1920 was the same as it will be next year  — the Goddamn federal government was out of control.  Harding didn’t matter, and any Republican but Bush will win in a walk.

Unless they scare people with chest beating.

Boots on the ground

Is a terrible sound.

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