Who should write a Balanced Budget Amendment?

A lot of people in Congress who want a BBA think it’s best if Congressmen write it.  They don’t want a Convention to do it.  They want us to get to 33 and scare Congress into doing it.  Many assume that if Congress proposes a BBA, our Article V campaign will be moot.

There’s no support for such an idea in the language of Article V, and no reason we should fold our tent if Congress goes first.  The States, acting in unison in Convention, would write a different BBA than Congress would.  It might be a supply side BBA, with revenue enhancements as well as spending restraints.

I get the sense that even the most true blue conservatives in Congress don’t want a Convention.   It reduces their clout, so they don’t like it.  But that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.  Taking power from Congress and giving it to the States is the whole idea, at least for me.

I’ll get a better feel for all this after attending NTLC’s 40 birthday party next Tuesday, which should have a lot of Lew Uhler’s old friends in Congress come by.  If I get a chance to talk to them.

The 100 Year Tide piece will be up at AT tomorrow.  Editor JR Dunn took out the line about Article V, but actually he’s right.  I just kind of threw it in there.

What I didn’t stress in that piece was the war weariness which Americans felt in the 1920 election, another similarity to today.

I’ve seen tapes of the D debate, and I’m thinking, what does Joe Six Pack make of all this?  He didn’t watch, of course.  He was watching the baseball playoffs.  But he will watch the debates a year from now, which looks like it will be between Hillary and one of the Cubans.  What a contrast, in every imaginable way.  A man and a woman from two different worlds, as different as day and night.  All those working class white guys who refused to vote for Romney are the ones I’m focused on.  These are my guys, and I know what they’re going to think.

When you run a bunch of ads, and your numbers go down, you’re in a world of hurt.  You can’t blame the ads.  I saw this happen in Alaska in 1986 when Bill Sheffield ran for reelection as Governor.  The ads were fine.  But they just reminded everybody of Bill Sheffield, who they couldn’t stand.  Fox is saying Bush has had 60% of the political ads in New Hampshire in the last three weeks, and his number actually slipped.  This is a screaming tell.

There’s nothing he can do.  He is what he is, and that’s all that he is.  I guess he goes negative.  It’s the strategy of last resort.  I think it backfires if he does it, and he doesn’t get out of New Hampshire.  The honorable thing to do would be to admit you’re not going to make it, and exit gracefully.  Going negative would poison the Republican waters for the entire Bush clan.

Wouldn’t be prudent.

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