In the belly of the beast

I just submitted a book review of Rubio’s An American Son  to American Thinker.  I’ll print and link to it if they use it.

I read it on Kindle on the flight back to D.C.  I also read part of Shattered Consensus by James Piereson.  This guy’s been reading my mind.  He gets it.  We’re on the cusp of an historic political realignment, the likes of which we’ve only seen twice in our history, occasioned first by the Civil War, second  by the Great Depression.  The first realignment made Republicans the dominant political party for a lifetime, the second did the same for the Democrats.  I’ll finish the book on the way home, and will write a review for AT.  It’s an important book.

The question for our time is if we have the ability to avoid another national catastrophe.  The Civil War and the Great Depression could have been avoided by political leaders with the requisite talent.  The Democrats of the mid 19th century, and the Republicans of the early 20th, didn’t have the skills that were needed.  National calamity was the result.  We’ll all find out soon enough if our current crop of politicians has what it takes.  Hint:  it involves Article V.

I took Uber from Reagan to my hotel, my first try at it.  Lord, what a wonderful service.   My black driver asked me if I was coming from the Congo.  I asked him if I looked like I came from the Congo, and he laughed, and said that’s where he’s from.   We had a good chat.  He brought up global warming and I was telling him all about it when the ride ended.  I went out for a beer and ran into a couple Macedonians who were working their way around the world.  I’m starting to feel pretty cosmopolitan.

Lots of construction in D.C.  Not a good sign for the rest of the country.

House R’s are in closed caucus tonight, so we probably won’t see too many Representatives this evening.  Lew thought Paul Ryan might stop by, but he’s trying to decide if he wants to be Speaker, so that’s not happening.  I’m glad I’m here, regardless.  I have a little reproduction of Houdon’s bust of Washington that I want to present to Lew tonight.  The plaque reads “To Lew  Uhler.  The Founder of our Movement.  From the Reagan Project”.  I gave one to Biddulph in San Diego, and hope there’s an appropriate moment tonight.  It’s funny.  Here I am a 70 year old man, and I’m paying homage to an elder statesman.

But then Lew Uhler’s one of a kind.

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