They expected us to be adults

Like the rest of the Constitution, Article V is skimpy on details.  The Framers assumed the men and women who succeeded them would be competent enough to work things out themselves.  So when the first Amendment Convention meets, it will need to set its own rules and establish its own procedures.  There are precedents from other conventions of states in our history, however.  We expect Professor Rob Natelson to be submitting a piece to American Thinker on this subject soon.

The bottom line is that every such convention in American history has adopted the one state, one vote principle.

Some of those involved with the Assembly of State Legislatures believe a new standard should be used in order for an Amendment Convention to offer an Amendment proposal, that the states voting in favor must represent a majority of the Electoral College.  Task Force member Mike Stern believes in this idea.  The rest of the Task Force voted unanimously in opposition.

Mike’s a lawyer in D.C., and he thinks if the proposed Amendment lacks that kind of support coming out of the Convention, Senate Democrats will oppose sending it out for ratification.  They’ll say it does not have majority support, is thus antidemocratic, and should be killed.  He thinks this would be their best political line.

I’ll try to put this gently.  Mike should stick to practicing law.  His understanding of politics is, let’s say, incomplete.  He hasn’t really thought this through, politically.  I’ll leave it at that.

The Task Force will do all it can to defeat any proposal, from any source, that differs one iota from the principle of one state, one vote.  The people at ASL who are pushing this are doing it with the best of intentions, but it is an extremely misguided move.  Hopefully it will die in Salt Lake next month.

John Knubel came up with the idea of having Admiral Owens call West Virginia Speaker Armstead on our behalf.  This is a seriously good idea.  Even House Speakers take calls from former Vice Chairs of the Joint Chiefs.  If this works we may ask Admiral Owens to call Hugh Leatherman in South Carolina.

The more I think about it, the more positive I feel about our chances.  Look at our opposition.  Hillary Clinton.

When Romney lost I was so pissed off I wanted to go back to Alaska and lead a movement for secession.  Then I settled into a period of deep depression.  I get wrapped up in these things personally.  The year after Romney lost was the most depressing year of my life.  And then October of 2013 came, and the roll out of Obamacare.

And I was born again.

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