Not with a bang, but a whimper

That’s how Bush 3 exits the race.  At a town hall in South Carolina he opened up his heart.  He wished to run a campaign of joy, but people are being mean to him and calling him names, and he just doesn’t have to put up with it.  He has better things to do.  And he’ll soon be doing them, it seems.  He continues to run TV ads to no effect.  Nothing he does has any effect  He’s not connecting, and he knows it.

He’s scaling back his operation, explaining, “We’ve made an adjustment in our campaign.  That’s what leaders do.”  How pathetic can you get?  We’re supposed to admire him for adjusting to reality?  That makes him a leader?

He doesn’t know what to do, and neither do Bush 1 or 2.  It’s too early to go negative, and too many people to go negative on.  He’ll stick around for a while, hoping for something to change.  Sure, the media candidates will fade.  But there is no reason whatsoever to think this will boost Bush.  There are just a whole lot of Republicans, far more than a majority, who do not want another Bush.  And we’re not going to change our minds.

Trump peaked right after the second debate, and now he’s starting to slide.  His childish reaction is a big bright tell.  He can’t take it.  His contrast between his Presbyterianism and Carson’s Seventh Day Adventism is a sign of desperation.  No one believes Trump is serious about religion.  Everyone can see that Carson is a devout man.  When Donald Trump starts talking about religion he makes a fool of himself.  I’ll say it for the first time:  his balloon is starting to leak.  He will not handle it well.

Apparently Ross Douthat of the NYT is a Reagan Project reader, based on his column today.  Actually in the past few days I’ve seen a lot of people coming around to the Matador.  I can see Marco in a bull ring, with a red cape and sword, all dressed up in his matador outfit.  He looks the part.  You can’t imagine Parson Cruz that way.

I don’t think Marco wants front runner status.  Too soon.  But as a number of people have pointed out, it won’t be long before the money guys figure this thing out.  Rubio’s the best they’re going to get.  Walker, Christie, Kasich and Bush 3 aren’t going to make it.  Unless you want Cruz or a media candidate, he’s your guy.

Since we’ll be running against Hillary we know what we’re in for  — one of the dirtiest campaigns ever.  We need to fight fire with fire.  I need to get in touch with a PAC, and start working on some material.  I’d like to fly down to New Orleans and get some video of Paula Jones telling her story.  It could be a killer of a 60 second spot.  You could raise the money to place the ad based on its quality.  There are a lot of other ads that need to be made, like showing Hillary lying to the parents of the heroes of Benghazi.  There’s no reason to hold off.  Now’s the time to do this stuff.  They beat Dole up in the spring of ’96.  He was beaten before it started.  They ruined Romney in the late spring of 2012.  His reputation never fully recovered.  We can do the same thing to Hillary, now that we know she’s the nominee.

When Paula Jones filed her suit against Clinton back in the mid-90’s I was the only local conservative talk show host in Alaska, and I talked about her case a lot.  At first she was represented by some small town real estate lawyer, and set up a legal defense fund.  I did all I could to get my listeners to donate.  I might have sent a check myself.  I had a regular biweekly column in the Anchorage Daily News, and I wrote an article about Paula, but they wouldn’t run it.  The only other column I ever wrote that was rejected was about affirmative action.

Anyway, I’d like to go down and introduce myself to Paula.  I bet we’d get along just fine.

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