Come, let us conspire together

I did a piece for American Thinker early this morning, and editor Tom Lifson put it up right away.  Here it is.  Later I find out a Superpac called Future45 has been formed by Ron Weiser, former Chair of RNC Finance and the Michigan GOP.  They’re running an ad on Hillary’s responsibility for the Libya debacle, which is a good start.  I’ll try to get in touch with Weiser to see if he’ll work with me.  They’ve apparently got big bucks.

What I’d really like to do is get $20,000, go to New Orleans with Jax Stafford (who filmed San Diego), and get a bunch of Paula Jones footage, which we’d turn into a 60 second spot.  Then we’d try to raise money to put the spot on the air.  Cable rates are really low, so if somebody sent $50 we could put it in a CSI rerun, or something.  If somebody gave $5 million we’d put it on the Super Bowl.  And everything in between.  We’d tell potential contributors that their donations will go directly for ad buys.  No waste, no overhead, just bang for the buck.

I’m reaching out to people, trying to sell this.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know.  This is something that cries out to be done.

The pressure is supposedly on Bush 3 to have a good debate.  I don’t think he’s capable.  Interestingly enough, that’s his main selling point  — capability.  As a candidate, at least, he doesn’t have it.  He could prove me wrong, but I don’t think he has it in him.  He’s just not a forceful man.  One of his inner circle is upbeat because now Jeb will be “empowered to speak his mind.”  What the hell does that mean?  Who the hell “empowered” him?  It’s not just the candidate.  The campaign is weak, as well.

Good Lord, is Trump flailing.  I get the impression this guy is going totally solo.  He’s got no one to tell him anything, so he’s off in his own world.  Last night in Iowa was a major embarrassment, whining about the polls and the networks.  I didn’t think winners whined.  I thought that was for losers.   I figured he’d start sliding about now.  But he seems to be coming undone.  He asks the Iowa crowd,  in reference to the polls, “What are you people doing to me?”  He’s begging them to get his poll numbers up, pleading that, honest to God, he’d do a great job, if they’ll only get the polls back up.  It was bizarre.  He is apparently totally obsessed with the daily polls.  A lot of people have called his demise early.  I think we’re seeing it happen before our eyes.  If Trump doesn’t pull himself together before the debate, he could lose it all in one night.  Is this the way the Donald ends?  Not with a bang, but a whimper?

Right after Paula Jones filed her sexual harassment suit against Billy Jeff, I had R. Emmett “Bob” Tyrell Jr. on my talk show in Alaska.  He published American Spectator, which is where Paula saw the article that led her to sue.  Hillary was talking about the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and I figured Tyrell must be part of it.  So I had him on, and I ask him if I could join up.  Join the VRWC.  He didn’t let me in on it, which has always kind of pissed me off.  So we’re starting a new conspiracy right here at the Reagan Project.  We’re going to have to keep the name under wraps, for a while.  It’s dedicated to exposing the real Hillary Clinton to the world.  You’ll have to donate to become a co-conspirator.  Sorry, but those are the rules.

To tell you the truth, I always wanted to meet Paula, because I admire her.  When I was a little boy in Richmond my divorced mother and Aunt Mary worked retail for close to minimum wage.  They were like Paula, single working women.  They were very attractive, and I’m sure there were sexual predators like Bill Clinton who tried to take advantage of them.  That thought makes me very angry.

So you see why I like Paula Jones.

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