Don’t take your gun to town, Marco

The previous post was by Bill Fruth, one of the original Task Force Co-Founders, and an indefatigable ambassador of the cause.  If we ever do get this done, no one, up to and including Lew Uhler, will deserve more credit than Bill.  He’ll be going to the Assembly of State Legislatures’ meeting in Salt Lake, along with Dave Biddulph and Hal Wick, to represent the Task Force as observers.  The legislators who share our commitment to one state, one vote, including Sen. Bill Cowsert of Georgia, will be there to advance our arguments.  This should turn out well.  Reasonable people can have their disagreements, argue and resolve them, and then move forward in unity.   This what we hope for and expect.

“Happily, Americans live on an island, sharing it with our Canadian and Mexican friends.  Just because North America is continental does not make us less isolated.  We are blessed to reside in “This fortress built by Nature for herself.”

As island dwellers we are naturally secure. Unlike the majority of humanity which occupies Eurasia, we have no neighbors which pose any sort of threat to us.  We are therefor a peaceful people, with a powerful aversion to foreign wars.  Since Washington, we have sought to avoid foreign entanglements.

Island nations must control the seas for their security, so when the Germans began unrestricted submarine in 1917, they forced us into a war we didn’t want.    We likewise did not want to fight in World War II.  It took Pearl Harbor to get us into it.  We did not want to fight the Cold War.  But when an island nation is threatened by a hostile potential world hegemon, it must resist, just as the British resisted Napoleon.”

The above paragraphs are from a piece I submitted to the American Thinker today.  I’ll link to the article if and when they put it up.

I wrote it in response to a Rubio ad I saw on Fox, put out by his Superpac.  It was well done, but completely wrongheaded.  It made him look like he’s Kennedy , ready to go forth and fight the Communists.  But Russia isn’t communist any more, and it is our competitor, not our enemy.  Vladimir (rhymes with redeemer) Putin is more of a Christian than Barack Hussein Obama, as far as I can tell.  This Superpac looks like it’s run by a bunch of neocons, or something, and they portray Rubio far too hawkishly.  This is dangerous ground.  The American people have had it with wars in the Middle East, and will not vote for someone who looks eager to get in another one.

I’m happy to see the attacks coming in on Rubio and Carson.  Put everything on the table up front.  Throw everything you’ve got at them. Come time for the general election, it’s all old stuff.   Trump put his finger on Carson’s real problem.  He asked O’Reilly, “Did you ever hit your mother?”  Carson says he tried to hit his mother with a hammer when he was a kid.  It shows how far he’s come, aided by his Christian faith.  I still find it disturbing.  So did Babbie, which means it’s important.

On a conference call today Fruth repeated his assertion that if the ASL comes out with rules that strictly adhere to the one state, one vote principal, we can get to 34 next year, and wrap this thing up.  He’s been at this longer than I have, and is more on top of the situation in our target states, so this is not just smoke.  It could happen.

It would be the start of really making America great again.

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