Carson to Columbia!

There are a bunch of very confused youths at the University of Missouri.  They need the safe space of the campus in order to function as human beings.  The fact that a drunken white boy may have yelled the “n” word at someone, or someone may have made a crude sign made of feces, has caused enormous emotional turmoil.  These young people need help, and kindly Dr. Carson is the man to give it.

As an M.D., Gentle Ben may not have much training in psychiatric counseling, but he has the natural bedside manner of a caring physician, and may be helpful to these poor souls.  He could tell them a little about his life, and what he’s had to overcome, and the obstacles he has surmounted.  He succeeded because he was tough, he was determined, and he was disciplined.  Perhaps they’d give him a listen.  It would be good for their tormented souls.

We’ll know for sure if Bush 3 is ready to exit the race tonight.  If he goes at Rubio again it’s all over.  A clear sign of desperation.  If he’s fool enough to try, Marco will hand him his head again.  I don’t expect it to happen, but then I’ve overestimated Jeb before.

It’s amazing how quickly this field has sorted out.  Setting aside the media candidates, as any serious analyst should, it’s becoming the consensus that it’s Rubio and Cruz in the all-Cuban main event.

Is this a great country or what?  Their families left Cuba just 50 years ago, and have a convert’s passion for this country, which was passed on to the two of them, and which burns brightly in both.  I admire the hell out of both of these guys, and will be pleased as punch when one of them takes the oath of office.  Yeah, it’s a great country.

Old Stan Greenberg is at it again.  One of the high priests of Democratic Deep Thought, his Democracy Corps did a big survey, and lo and behold the D’s are in great shape.  A big nothing burger.  He gets the kind of results he wants by prefacing his questions with explanations of Republican and Democrat positions on issues.  After hearing these Democrat talking points, they  — surprise!  — agree with the Democrats.

It’s good to be strong in war.  It’s even better to have a weak opponent.  Thank you, Lord, for our opposition.  We are, indeed, blessed.

Everybody talks about the red state/blue state, urban/rural, liberal/conservative divide in this country. As if it’s something new.  We were a hell of a lot more divided in 1787 than we are now.  Virginians and Yankees came from two very different societies and cultures.  They figured out a way to get along, and put it in the Constitution.  It’s called federalism.  It works.  We should give it another try.

Tonight in Salt Lake City a group of state legislators and political activists are meeting to discuss the rules to be suggested for the First Article V Amendment Convention.  At the Assembly of State Legislatures meeting tomorrow the discussion will be broadened, and will include representatives from 30-35 states.

The seed is sprouting.  The soil is rich.  And the sun shines.

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